Journal History

The Electronic Journal of Combinatorics (E-JC) was founded in 1994 by Herbert Wilf of the University of Pennsylvania and Neil Calkin of the Georgia Institute of Technology. E-JC was one of the first journals to be delivered by the World Wide Web, one of the first totally free mathematics journals, and one of the first journals to leave copyright with authors.

From 1997 to 2009, an annual edition of E-JC was published in print by International Press under the name Journal of Combinatorics. That name is now in use by a new journal which has no connection to us.

A Note on Journal Rankings

In 2010, as part of the Excellence in Research for Australia (ERA) initiative, the Australian Research Council (ARC) published a ranking of over 10,000 academic journals. The possible ranks were A* (top 5%), A (next 15%), B (next 30%), and C (remaining 50%). The Australian Mathematical Society was commissioned by the ARC to recommend a ranking of mathematics journals. The Electronic Journal of Combinatorics was given a rank of A by The Australian Mathematical Society, but, due to an administrative error, the ARC published it as C. In 2011, the ARC abandoned journal ranking without revising the original list.

However, a number of other countries have taken the 2010 ARC list and used it without change. If your country is looking at doing the same, it would be worth drawing attention to this anomaly. The Australian Mathematical Society rankings for mathematical journals,  showing the original and correct rank of A, can be found on this page.