Positivity in Coefficient-Free Rank Two Cluster Algebras

G. Dupont


Let $b,c$ be positive integers, $x_1,x_2$ be indeterminates over ${\Bbb Z}$ and $x_m, m \in {\Bbb Z}$ be rational functions defined by $x_{m-1}x_{m+1}=x_m^b+1$ if $m$ is odd and $x_{m-1}x_{m+1}=x_m^c+1$ if $m$ is even. In this short note, we prove that for any $m,k \in {\Bbb Z}$, $x_k$ can be expressed as a substraction-free Laurent polynomial in ${\Bbb Z}[x_m^{\pm 1},x_{m+1}^{\pm 1}]$. This proves Fomin-Zelevinsky's positivity conjecture for coefficient-free rank two cluster algebras.

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