The Electronic Journal of Combinatorics

v9i1r12 — Comment by the author, Jun 7, 2009.

The author wishes to thank Judith Egan for her careful reading of this paper and for pointing out the following errors:

  • In the second paragraph on Page 9, all references to A11 should be to A00. In the same paragraph bordered by siga should say bordered by siga.
  • The value given in the table on page 10 for the most 2-plexes in LS(7)\C(7) is incorrect. Rather than 4295 it should say 4368.
  • The last display on page 13 should say Bjj=m2+j rather than Bjj=m2+jj.
  • On page 14, the italicised words should be added to the following sentence in the summary:
    In doing so we strengthen Ryser's conjecture that every latin square of odd order has a transversal.

Readers who are interested in this paper may also be interested in the subsequent work to be found in:

  • D. Bryant, J. Egan, B. Maenhaut and I. M. Wanless, Indivisible plexes in latin squares, Des. Codes Cryptogr. 52 (2009) 93-105.
  • J. A. Egan and I. M. Wanless, Latin squares with no small odd plexes, J. Combin. Designs, 16 (2008) 477-492.
  • I. M. Wanless, Transversals in latin squares, Quasigroups Related Systems 15, (2007) 169-190.