Volume 19, Issue 3 (2012)

Table of Contents


The Cyclic Sieving Phenomenon for Non-Crossing Forests PDF
Stefan Kluge P1
Ramsey Properties of Random Subgraphs of Pseudo-Random Graphs PDF
Jia Shen P2
Matchings, Cycle Bases, and the Maximum Genus of a Graph PDF
Michal Kotrbčík, Martin Škoviera P3
An Enumeration of Flags in Finite Vector Spaces PDF
C. Ryan Vinroot P5
Minimal Covers of the Archimedean Tilings, Part 1 PDF
Daniel Pellicer, Gordon Williams P6
Counting Packings of Generic Subsets in Finite Groups PDF
Roland Bacher P7
Combinatorial Logarithm and Point-Determining Cographs PDF
Ji Li P8
Reflexive Polytopes of Higher Index and the Number 12 PDF
Alexander M. Kasprzyk, Benjamin Nill P9
Parity Types, Cycle Structures and Autotopisms of Latin Squares PDF
Daniel Kotlar P10
On Zudilin's $q$-Question about Schmidt's Problem PDF
Victor J. W. Guo, Jiang Zeng P4
Block Designs with SDP Parameters PDF
Harold Ward P11
A Short Proof of the Odd-Girth Theorem PDF
Edwin R. van Dam, Miquel Angel Fiol P12
Cospectral Graphs and Regular Orthogonal Matrices of Level 2 PDF
Aida Abiad, Willem H Haemers P13
Polyhedral Embeddings of Snarks with Arbitrary Nonorientable Genera PDF
Wenzhong Liu, Yichao Chen P14
On a Recurrence Arising in Graph Compression PDF
Yongwook Choi, Charles Knessl, Wojciech Szpankowski P15
Degrees in Oriented Hypergraphs and Ramsey p-Chromatic Number PDF
Yair Caro, Adriana Hansberg P16
Planar Graphs of Maximum Degree Six without 7-cycles are Class One PDF
Danjun Huang, Weifan Wang P17
A Complete Classification of Doubly Even Self-dual Codes of Length 40 PDF
Koichi Betsumiya, Masaaki Harada, Akihiro Munemasa P18
Roman Domination Number of the Cartesian Products of Paths and Cycles PDF
Polona Pavlič, Janez Žerovnik P19
The Enumeration of Three Pattern Classes using Monotone Grid Classes PDF
Michael Albert, Mike Atkinson, Robert Brignall P20
Viewing Determinants as Nonintersecting Lattice Paths yields Classical Determinantal Identities Bijectively PDF
Markus Fulmek P21
Non-Contiguous Pattern Avoidance in Binary Trees PDF
Michael Dairyko, Lara Pudwell, Samantha Tyner, Casey Wynn P22
Graph Cospectrality using Neighborhood Matrices PDF
Aline Duarte Bessa, Ivan Carmo Rocha-Neto, Suani Tavares Rubim de Pinho, Roberto Fernandes Silva Andrade, Thierry Correa Petit Lobao P23
Enumerating Lattice Paths Touching or Crossing the Diagonal at a Given Number of Lattice Points PDF
Michael Z. Spivey P24
Two Permutation Classes related to the Bubble Sort Operator PDF
Marilena Barnabei, Flavio Bonetti, Matteo Silimbani P25
Baxter Permutations, Maj-balances, and Positive Braids PDF
Sen-Peng Eu, Tung-Shan Fu, Yeh-Jong Pan, Chien-Tai Ting P26
Partition of Graphs and Hypergraphs into Monochromatic Connected Parts PDF
Shinya Fujita, Michitaka Furuya, András Gyárfás, Ágnes Tóth P27
Some Constructions of General Covering Designs PDF
Federico Montecalvo P28
Biembeddings of Metacyclic Groups and Triangulations of Orientable Surfaces by Complete Graphs PDF
Michael John Grannell, Martin Knor P29
The Rotor-Router Group of Directed Covers of Graphs PDF
Wilfried Huss, Ecaterina Sava P30
On Short Zero-sum Subsequences of Zero-sum Sequences PDF
Yushuang Fan, Weidong Gao, Guoqing Wang, Qinghai Zhong, Jujuan Zhuang P31
Triangle-Free Triangulations, Hyperplane Arrangements and Shifted Tableaux PDF
Ron Adin, Yuval Roichman P32
Polynomials with Real Zeros and Compatible Sequences PDF
Li Liu P33
Generalized Galois Numbers, Inversions, Lattice Paths, Ferrers Diagrams and Limit Theorems PDF
Svante Janson P34
Existence of 2-$(v,k,1)$ Designs Admitting a Block-Transitive Group of Affine Type PDF
Ding Shifeng, Liu Weijun P35
On a Matrix Representation for Polynomially Recursive Sequences PDF
Christophe Reutenauer P36
Independent Sets in Graphs with Given Minimum Degree PDF
James Alexander, Jonathan Cutler, Tim Mink P37
Dissimilarity Maps on Trees and the Representation Theory of $GL_n(\mathbb{C})$ PDF
Christopher Manon P38
Shi Threshold Arrangement PDF
Seunghyun Seo P39
Turán $H$-Densities for 3-Graphs PDF
Victor Falgas-Ravry, Emil R. Vaughan P40
Euler's Partition Theorem with Upper Bounds on Multiplicities PDF
William Y.C. Chen, Ae Ja Yee, Albert J. W. Zhu P41
Enumeration of Golomb Rulers and Acyclic Orientations of Mixed Graphs PDF
Matthias Beck, Tristram Bogart, Tu Pham P42
Expected Patterns in Permutation Classes PDF
Cheyne Homberger P43
Parity Index of Binary Words and Powers of Prime Words PDF
Aleksandar Ilić, Sandi Klavžar, Yoomi Rho P44
Directed Animals, Quadratic Systems and Rewriting Systems PDF
Jean-François Marckert P45
The Vertical Profile of Embedded Trees PDF
Mireille Bousquet-Mélou, Guillaume Chapuy P46
Recurrence Relations and Splitting Formulas for the Domination Polynomial PDF
Tomer Kotek, James Preen, Frank Simon, Peter Tittmann, Martin Trinks P47

ISSN: 1077-8926