Volume 21, Issue 1 (2014)



Vertex-Decomposable Graphs, Codismantlability, Cohen-Macaulayness, and Castelnuovo-Mumford Regularity PDF
Türker Bıyıkoğlu, Yusuf Civan P1.1
Avoider-Forcer Games on Hypergraphs with Small Rank PDF
Małgorzata Bednarska-Bzdęga P1.2
Diagrammatic Description of $c$-Vectors and $d$-Vectors of Cluster Algebras of Finite Type PDF
Tomoki Nakanishi, Salvatore Stella P1.3
Distance-Regular Graphs with an Eigenvalue $-k < \theta \leq 2-k$ PDF
Sejeong Bang P1.4
A Decomposition Algorithm for Noncrossing Trees PDF
Lun Lv, Sabrina X.M. Pang P1.5
A Simple Proof for the Number of Tilings of Quartered Aztec Diamonds PDF
Tri Lai P1.6
Tiling a Strip with Triangles PDF
John Bodeen, Steve Butler, Taekyoung Kim, Xiyuan Sun, Shenzhi Wang P1.7
Colorful Subhypergraphs in Kneser Hypergraphs PDF
Frédéric Meunier P1.8
Square-Free Words with Square-Free Self-Shuffles PDF
James D. Currie, Kalle Saari P1.9
Generalized Stirling Numbers and Hyper-Sums of Powers of Binomials Coefficients PDF
Claudio de J. Pita-Ruiz V. P1.10
From Clutters to Matroids PDF
Jaume Martí-Farré P1.11
Genus Distributions for Iterated Claws PDF
Jonathan L. Gross, Imran F. Khan, Mehvish I. Poshni P1.12
On a Sumset Problem for Integers PDF
Shan-Shan Du, Hui-Qin Cao, Zhi-Wei Sun P1.13
Arcs with Large Conical Subsets in Desarguesian Planes of Even Order PDF
Kris Coolsaet, Heide Sticker P1.14
On the Directed Oberwolfach Problem with Equal Cycle Lengths PDF
Andrea Burgess, Mateja Šajna P1.15
Endomorphism Breaking in Graphs PDF
Wilfried Imrich, Rafał Kalinowski, Florian Lehner, Monika Pilśniak P1.16
Some Extremal Problems for Hereditary Properties of Graphs PDF
Vladimir Nikiforov P1.17
Structural Transition in Random Mappings PDF
Jennie C. Hansen, Jerzy Jaworski P1.18
Biclique Covers and Partitions PDF
Trevor Pinto P1.19
Symmetric Alcoved Polytopes PDF
Annette Werner, Josephine Yu P1.20
Beyond Sum-Free Sets in the Natural Numbers PDF
Sophie Huczynska P1.21
Doubly Even Orientable Closed 2-Cell Embeddings of the Complete Graph PDF
Mike J Grannell, Thomas A McCourt P1.22
A Note on Irreducible Maps with Several Boundaries PDF
J. Bouttier, E. Guitter P1.23
Forcing $k$-Repetitions in Degree Sequences PDF
Yair Caro, Asaf Shapira, Raphael Yuster P1.24
On the Kirchhoff and the Wiener Indices of Graphs and Block Decomposition PDF
Ashkan Nikseresht, Zahra Sepasdar P1.25
Constant Rank-Distance Sets of Hermitian Matrices and Partial Spreads in Hermitian Polar Spaces PDF
Rod Gow, Michel Lavrauw, John Sheekey, Frédéric Vanhove P1.26
How Many Colors Guarantee a Rainbow Matching? PDF
Roman Glebov, Benny Sudakov, Tibor Szabó P1.27
On Counterexamples to a Conjecture of Wills and Ehrhart Polynomials whose Roots have Equal Real Parts PDF
Matthias Henze P1.28
On the Positive Moments of Ranks of Partitions PDF
William Y. C. Chen, Kathy Q. Ji, Erin Y. Y. Shen P1.29
Long Paths and Cycles in Random Subgraphs of $\mathcal{H}$-Free Graphs PDF
Michael Krivelevich, Wojciech Samotij P1.30
Generalised Knight's Tours PDF
Nina Kamčev P1.31
On Divisibility of Convolutions of Central Binomial Coefficients PDF
Mark Roger Sepanski P1.32
Some New Binomial Sums Related to the Catalan Triangle PDF
Yidong Sun, Fei Ma P1.33
On a Conjecture Concerning the Petersen Graph: Part II PDF
Michael Plummer, Xiaoya Zha P1.34
About Half Permutations PDF
Simone Rinaldi, Samanta Socci P1.35
Self-Dual Spherical Grids PDF
Jack E. Graver, Elizabeth J. Hartung P1.36
The Goldman-Rota Identity and the Grassmann Scheme PDF
Murali K. Srinivasan P1.37
A New Lower Bound on the Independence Number of a Graph and Applications PDF
Michael A. Henning, Christian Löwenstein, Justin Southey, Anders Yeo P1.38
Schur Times Schubert via the Fomin-Kirillov Algebra PDF
Karola Mészáros, Greta Panova, Alexander Postnikov P1.39
A Set and Collection Lemma PDF
Vadim E. Levit, Eugen Mandrescu P1.40
Crossings in Grid Drawings PDF
Vida Dujmović, Pat Morin, Adam Sheffer P1.41
Extremal Problems for Subset Divisors PDF
Tony Huynh P1.42
Polynomial Sequences of Binomial-Type Arising in Graph Theory PDF
Jonathan Schneider P1.43
The Unreasonable Ubiquitousness of Quasi-Polynomials PDF
Kevin Woods P1.44
On the Number of Spanning Trees in Random Regular Graphs PDF
Catherine Greenhill, Matthew Kwan, David Wind P1.45
Rainbow Path and Color Degree in Edge Colored Graphs PDF
Anita Das, S. V. Subrahmanya, P. Suresh P1.46
The Gap Structure of a Family of Integer Subsets PDF
André Bernardino, Rui Pacheco, Manuel Silva P1.47
Treewidth of the Kneser Graph and the Erdős-Ko-Rado Theorem PDF
Daniel J. Harvey, David R. Wood P1.48
Nested Recursions, Simultaneous Parameters and Tree Superpositions PDF
Abraham Isgur, Vitaly Kuznetsov, Mustazee Rahman, Stephen Tanny P1.49
Logarithmic Tree-Numbers for Acyclic Complexes PDF
Hyuk Kim, Woong Kook P1.50
A Generalization of Aztec Diamond Theorem, Part I PDF
Tri Lai P1.51
On the Number of Orientations of Random Graphs with No Directed Cycles of a Given Length PDF
P. Allen, Y. Kohayakawa, G. O. Mota, R. F. Parente P1.52
Non-Normal Very Ample Polytopes and their Holes PDF
Akihiro Higashitani P1.53
On Regular Hypergraphs of High Girth PDF
David Ellis, Nathan Linial P1.54
Edge-Decomposition of Graphs into Copies of a Tree with Four Edges PDF
János Barát, Dániel Gerbner P1.55
Total Colorings of $F_5$-Free Planar Graphs with Maximum Degree 8 PDF
Jian Chang, Jian-Liang Wu, Hui-Juan Wang, Zhan-Hai Guo P1.56
Remarks on a Conjecture of Barát and Tóth PDF
Atílio G. Luiz, R. Bruce Richter P1.57
Non-Existence of Point-transitive 2-(106, 6, 1) Designs PDF
Haiyan Guan, Shenglin Zhou P1.58
Equipopularity Classes of 132-Avoiding Permutations PDF
Lynn Chua, Krishanu Roy Sankar P1.59
Semiarcs with Long Secants PDF
Bence Csajbók P1.60
Minimal Crystallizations of 3-Manifolds PDF
Biplab Basak, Basudeb Datta P1.61
Equicovering Subgraphs of Graphs and Hypergraphs PDF
Ilkyoo Choi, Jaehoon Kim, Amelia Tebbe, Douglas B. West P1.62
The Proof of the Removable Pair Conjecture for Fractional Dimension PDF
Csaba Biró, Peter Hamburger, Attila Pór P1.63
Online Ramsey Theory for Planar Graphs PDF
Šárka Petříčková P1.64
Convolution Identities for Bernoulli and Genocchi Polynomials PDF
Takashi Agoh P1.65
Certificates for Properties of Stability Polynomials of Graphs PDF
Ranjie Mo, Graham Farr, Kerri Morgan P1.66
A Group Action on Derangements PDF
Hua Sun, Yi Wang P1.67
A General Central Limit Theorem for Shape Parameters of $m$-ary Tries and PATRICIA Tries PDF
Michael Fuchs, Chung-Kuei Lee P1.68
Monomial Ideals with Primary Components given by Powers of Monomial Prime Ideals PDF
Jürgen Herzog, Marius Vladoiu P1.69

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