Volume 21, Issue 3 (2014)

Table of Contents


A Spectral Equivalent Condition of the $P$-Polynomial Property for Association Schemes PDF
Hiroshi Nozaki, Hirotake Kurihara P3.1
Consecutive Up-Down Patterns in Up-Down Permutations PDF
Jeffrey B. Remmel P3.2
A Characteristic Factor for the 3-Term IP Roth Theorem in $\mathbb{Z}_3^\mathbb{N}$ PDF
Randall McCutcheon, Alistair Windsor P3.3
On Fence Patrolling by Mobile Agents PDF
Adrian Dumitrescu, Anirban Ghosh, Csaba D. Tóth P3.4
Arc-Transitive Dihedral Regular Covers of Cubic Graphs PDF
Jicheng Ma P3.5
Nordhaus-Gaddum Type Inequalities for Laplacian and Signless Laplacian Eigenvalues PDF
F. Ashraf, B. Tayfeh-Rezaie P3.6
The Minimum Number of Nonnegative Edges in Hypergraphs PDF
Hao Huang, Benny Sudakov P3.7
On the Cayley Isomorphism Problem for Cayley Objects of Nilpotent Groups of Some Orders PDF
Edward Dobson P3.8
Ascent-Descent Young Diagrams and Pattern Avoidance in Alternating Permutations PDF
Ravi Jagadeesan P3.9
The Expected Characteristic and Permanental Polynomials of the Random Gram Matrix PDF
Jacob G. Martin, E. Rodney Canfield P3.10
A Counterexample to a Question of Hof, Knill and Simon PDF
Sébastien Labbé P3.11
Counting Results for Thin Butson Matrices PDF
Teo Banica P3.12
Trivial Meet and Join within the Lattice of Monotone Triangles PDF
John Engbers, Adam Hammett P3.13
On the Strong Partition Dimension of Graphs PDF
Ismael González Yero P3.14
The Weak Order on Pattern-Avoiding Permutations PDF
Brian Drake P3.15
An Erdős-Ko-Rado Theorem for Permutations with Fixed Number of Cycles PDF
Cheng Yeaw Ku, Kok Bin Wong P3.16
Some Identities involving the Partial Sum of $q$-Binomial Coefficients PDF
Bing He P3.17
Minimum-Weight Edge Discriminators in Hypergraphs PDF
Bhaswar B. Bhattacharya, Sayantan Das, Shirshendu Ganguly P3.18
The Maximal Length of a $k$-Separator Permutation PDF
Benjamin Gunby P3.19
Grid Minors in Damaged Grids PDF
David Eppstein P3.20
Extremal Problems for the $p$-Spectral Radius of Graphs PDF
Liying Kang, Vladimir Nikiforov P3.21
On Saturated $k$-Sperner Systems PDF
Natasha Morrison, Jonathan A. Noel, Alex Scott P3.22
On the Number of Colored Birch and Tverberg Partitions PDF
Stephan Hell P3.23
Bounding Sequence Extremal Functions with Formations PDF
Jesse Geneson, Rohil Prasad, Jonathan Tidor P3.24
Counting the Palstars PDF
L. Bruce Richmond, Jeffrey O Shallit P3.25
A Combinatorial Proof of the Non-Vanishing of Hankel Determinants of the Thue-Morse Sequence PDF
Yann Bugeaud, Guo-Niu Han P3.26
Note on the Subgraph Component Polynomial PDF
Yunhua Liao, Yaoping Hou P3.27
Resolving a Conjecture on Degree of Regularity of Linear Homogeneous Equations PDF
Noah Golowich P3.28
Additional Constructions to Solve the Generalized Russian Cards Problem using Combinatorial Designs PDF
Colleen M. Swanson, Douglas R. Stinson P3.29
Capturing the Drunk Robber on a Graph PDF
Natasha Komarov, Peter Winkler P3.30
On Compact Symmetric Regularizations of Graphs PDF
R. Vandell, M. Walsh, W. D. Weakley P3.31
On Symmetry of Uniform and Preferential Attachment Graphs PDF
Abram Magner, Svante Janson, Giorgos Kollias, Wojciech Szpankowski P3.32
A $q$-Queens Problem. I. General Theory PDF
Seth Chaiken, Christopher R. H. Hanusa, Thomas Zaslavsky P3.33
On the Typical Structure of Graphs in a Monotone Property PDF
Svante Janson, Andrew J. Uzzell P3.34
Arithmetic Properties of Overcubic Partition Pairs PDF
Bernard L.S. Lin P3.35
Orthogonality and Minimality in the Homology of Locally Finite Graphs PDF
Reinhard Diestel, Julian Pott P3.36
The Generating Function for Total Displacement PDF COMMENT
Mathieu Guay-Paquet, Kyle Petersen P3.37
A Laurent Series Proof of the Habsieger-Kadell $q$-Morris Identity PDF
Xin Guoce, Zhou Yue P3.38
Distance-Restricted Matching Extension in Triangulations of the Torus and the Klein Bottle PDF
Robert E.L. Aldred, Jun Fujisawa P3.39
Bounding the Distinguishing Number of Infinite Graphs and Permutation Groups PDF
Simon M. Smith, Mark E. Watkins P3.40
A Schur-Like Basis of NSym Defined by a Pieri Rule PDF
John Maxwell Campbell, Karen Feldman, Jennifer Light, Pavel Shuldiner, Yan Xu P3.41
A Polynomial Invariant and Duality for Triangulations PDF
Vyacheslav Krushkal, David Renardy P3.42
Proof of the List Edge Coloring Conjecture for Complete Graphs of Prime Degree PDF
Uwe Schauz P3.43
Energies and Structure of Additive Sets PDF
Shkredov Ilya P3.44
A Note on a Ramsey-Type Problem for Sequences PDF
Andrzej Dudek P3.45
Schur-Positivity in a Square PDF
Cristina Ballantine, Rosa Orellana P3.46
Computing the Tutte Polynomial of a Matroid from its Lattice of Cyclic Flats PDF
Jens Niklas Eberhardt P3.47

ISSN: 1077-8926