Volume 23, Issue 1 (2016)

Table of Contents


Bi-Cohen-Macaulay graphs PDF
Jürgen Herzog, Ahad Rahimi P1.1
On Periodicity of Generalized Pseudostandard Words PDF
Josef Florian, L'ubomíra Dvořáková P1.2
Posets of Finite Functions PDF
Konrad Pióro P1.3
Simultaneous Core Partitions: Parameterizations and Sums PDF
Victor Y. Wang P1.4
An Extension of MacMahon's Equidistribution Theorem to Ordered Multiset Partitions PDF
Andrew Timothy Wilson P1.5
Low Degree Nullstellensatz Certificates for 3-Colorability PDF
Bo Li, Benjamin Lowenstein, Mohamed Omar P1.6
Expansions of a Chord Diagram and Alternating Permutations PDF
Tomoki Nakamigawa P1.7
Combinatorial Proofs of Addition Formulas PDF
Xiang-Ke Chang, Xing-Biao Hu, Hongchuan Lei, Yeong-Nan Yeh P1.8
Sphere Representations, Stacked Polytopes, and the Colin de Verdière Number of a Graph PDF
Lon Mitchell, Lynne Yengulalp P1.9
Finite Edge-Transitive Oriented Graphs of Valency Four: a Global Approach PDF
Jehan A. Al-bar, Ahmad N. Al-kenani, Najat M. Muthana, Cheryl E. Praeger, Pablo Spiga P1.10
A Quantitative Study of Pure Parallel Processes PDF
O. Bodini, A. Genitrini, F. Peschanski P1.11
The Phase Transition in Site Percolation on Pseudo-Random Graphs PDF
Michael Krivelevich P1.12
A Combinatorial Proof of a Relationship Between Maximal $(2k-1,2k+1)$-Cores and $(2k-1,2k,2k+1)$-Cores PDF
Rishi Nath, James A. Sellers P1.13
The Chromatic Number of a Signed Graph PDF
Edita Máčajová, André Raspaud, Martin Škoviera P1.14
Chromatic Bases for Symmetric Functions PDF
Soojin Cho, Stephanie van Willigenburg P1.15
A Note on Perfect Matchings in Uniform Hypergraphs PDF
Andrew Treglown, Yi Zhao P1.16
A Note on Maxima in Random Walks PDF
Joseph Helfer, Daniel T. Wise P1.17
Avoiding Letter Patterns in Ternary Square-Free Words PDF
Elena A. Petrova P1.18
Doubled Patterns are 3-Avoidable PDF
Pascal Ochem P1.19
A Note on the $\gamma$-Coefficients of the Tree Eulerian Polynomial PDF
Rafael S. González D'León P1.20
Another Proof of the Harer-Zagier Formula PDF
Boris Pittel P1.21
A New Lower Bound for the Towers of Hanoi Problem PDF
Codruƫ Grosu P1.22
An Orthogonal Basis for Functions over a Slice of the Boolean Hypercube PDF
Yuval Filmus P1.23
Generalizing the Classic Greedy and Necklace Constructions of de Bruijn Sequences and Universal Cycles PDF
Joe Sawada, Aaron Williams, Dennis Wong P1.24
Closed, Palindromic, Rich, Privileged, Trapezoidal, and Balanced Words in Automatic Sequences PDF
Luke Schaeffer, Jeffrey Shallit P1.25
Determining a Binary Matroid from its Small Circuits PDF
James Oxley, Charles Semple, Geoff Whittle P1.26
A Curved Brunn Minkowski Inequality for the Symmetric Group PDF
Weerachai Neeranartvong, Jonathan Novak, Nat Sothanaphan P1.27
The Peeling Process of Infinite Boltzmann Planar Maps PDF
Timothy Budd P1.28
On Cylindrical Graph Construction and its Applications PDF
Amir Daneshgar, Mohsen Hejrati, Meysam Madani P1.29
Restricted Frame Graphs and a Conjecture of Scott PDF
Jérémie Chalopin, Louis Esperet, Zhentao Li, Patrice Ossona de Mendez P1.30
On Computation of Baker and Norine’s Rank on Complete Graphs PDF
Robert Cori, Yvan Le Borgne P1.31
The Nonexistence of a Distance-Regular Graph with Intersection Array {22,16,5;1,2,20} PDF
Supalak Sumalroj, Chalermpong Worawannotai P1.32
Iterative Properties of Birational Rowmotion I: Generalities and Skeletal Posets PDF
Darij Grinberg, Tom Roby P1.33
Generalised Polygons Admitting a Point-Primitive Almost Simple Group of Suzuki or Ree Type PDF
Luke Morgan, Tomasz Popiel P1.34
Two Descent Statistics over 321-Avoiding Centrosymmetric Involutions PDF
Marilena Barnabei, Flavio Bonetti, Sergi Elizalde, Matteo Silimbani P1.35
Avoidability Index for Binary Patterns with Reversal PDF
James Currie, Philip Lafrance P1.36
Subspaces Intersecting Each Element of a Regulus in One Point, André-Bruck-Bose Representation and Clubs PDF
Michel Lavrauw, Corrado Zanella P1.37
New Eulerian Numbers of Type $D$ PDF
Anna Borowiec, Wojciech Młotkowski P1.38
Cayley Graphs with an Infinite Heesch Number PDF
Azer Akhmedov P1.39
K-Knuth Equivalence for Increasing Tableaux PDF
Christian Gaetz, Michelle Mastrianni, Rebecca Patrias, Hailee Peck, Colleen Robichaux, David Schwein, Ka Yu Tam P1.40
On the Resistance Matrix of a Graph PDF
Jiang Zhou, Zhongyu Wang, Changjiang Bu P1.41
Average Degree Conditions Forcing a Minor PDF
Daniel J. Harvey, David R. Wood P1.42
Inversions of Semistandard Young Tableaux PDF
Paul Drube P1.43
Enumeration of Parallelograms in Permutation Matrices for Improved Bounds on the Density of Costas Arrays PDF
Christopher N. Swanson, Bill Correll, Jr., Randy W. Ho P1.44
Web Matrices: Structural Properties and Generating Combinatorial Identities PDF
Mark Dukes, Chris D White P1.45
Spectrally Extremal Vertices, Strong Cospectrality, and State Transfer PDF
Gabriel Coutinho P1.46
Polynomials Defined by Tableaux and Linear Recurrences PDF
Per Alexandersson P1.47
Guessing Games on Triangle-Free Graphs PDF Data
Peter J. Cameron, Anh N. Dang, Søren Riis P1.48
Extending Cycles Locally to Hamilton Cycles PDF
Matthias Hamann, Florian Lehner, Julian Pott P1.49
Correlation Among Runners and Some Results on the Lonely Runner Conjecture PDF
Guillem Perarnau, Oriol Serra P1.50
Growth Rates of Groups associated with Face 2-Coloured Triangulations and Directed Eulerian Digraphs on the Sphere PDF
Thomas A. McCourt P1.51
On Erdős-Sós Conjecture for Trees of Large Size PDF
Agnieszka Goerlich, Andrzej Żak P1.52
On the Matchings-Jack Conjecture for Jack Connection Coefficients Indexed by Two Single Part Partitions PDF
Andrei L. Kanunnikov, Ekaterina A. Vassilieva P1.53
Graphs with Induced-Saturation Number Zero PDF
Sarah Behrens, Catherine Erbes, Michael Santana, Derrek Yager, Elyse Yeager P1.54
Flag Statistics from the Ehrhart $h^∗$-Polynomial of Multi-Hypersimplices PDF
Guo-Niu Han, Matthieu Josuat-Vergès P1.55
A Class of Infinite Convex Geometries PDF
Kira Adaricheva, J. B. Nation P1.56
Chip-Firing Game and a Partial Tutte Polynomial for Eulerian Digraphs PDF
Kévin Perrot, Trung Van Pham P1.57
Local Probabilities for Random Permutations Without Long Cycles PDF
Eugenijus Manstavičius, Robertas Petuchovas P1.58
New Duality Operator for Complex Circulant Matrices and a Conjecture of Ryser PDF
Luis H. Gallardo P1.59
The Degree/Diameter Problem in Maximal Planar Bipartite graphs PDF
Cristina Dalfó, Clemens Huemer, Julián Salas P1.60

ISSN: 1077-8926