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Volume 15 (2008) Towards the Distribution of the Size of a Largest Planar Matching and Largest Planar Subgraph in Random Bipartite Graphs Abstract   PDF
Marcos Kiwi, Martin Loebl
Volume 17 (2010) Traces Without Maximal Chains Abstract   PDF
Ta Sheng Tan
Volume 16, Issue 1 (2009) Traces of Uniform Families of Sets Abstract   PDF
Balázs Patkós
Volume 3, Issue 1 (1996) Transition Restricted Gray Codes Abstract   PDF
Bette Bultena, Frank Ruskey
Volume 24, Issue 1 (2017) Transitive Avoidance Games Abstract   PDF
J. Robert Johnson, Imre Leader, Mark Walters
Volume 10 (2003) Translational Tilings of the Integers with Long Periods Abstract   PDF
Mihail N. Kolountzakis
Volume 15 (2008) Transversal Lattices Abstract   PDF
Joseph E. Bonin
Volume 14 (2007) Transversal and Cotransversal Matroids via their Representations Abstract   PDF
Federico Ardila
Volume 24, Issue 2 (2017) Transversals and Independence in Linear Hypergraphs with Maximum Degree Two Abstract   PDF
Michael A. Henning, Anders Yeo
Volume 23, Issue 3 (2016) Transversals in 4-Uniform Hypergraphs Abstract   PDF
Michael A. Henning, Anders Yeo
Volume 21, Issue 2 (2014) Tree Reconstruction from Triplet Cover Distances Abstract   PDF
Katharina T. Huber, Mike Steel
Volume 15 (2008) Tree-Thickness and Caterpillar-Thickness under Girth Constraints Abstract   PDF
Qi Liu, Douglas B. West
Volume 23, Issue 3 (2016) Treelike Snarks Abstract   PDF
Marién Abreu, Tomáš Kaiser, Domenico Labbate, Giuseppe Mazzuoccolo
Volume 20, Issue 4 (2013) Tree-like Tableaux Abstract   PDF
Jean-Christophe Aval, Adrien Boussicault, Philippe Nadeau
Volume 7 (2000) Trees and Matchings Abstract   PDF
Richard W. Kenyon, James G. Propp, David B. Wilson
Volume 16, Issue 1 (2009) Trees and Meta-Fibonacci Sequences Abstract   PDF
Abraham Isgur, David Reiss, Stephen Tanny
Volume 12 (2005) Trees and Reflection Groups Abstract   PDF
Humberto Luiz Talpo, Marcelo Firer
Volume 18, Issue 1 (2011) Trees with an On-Line Degree Ramsey Number of Four Abstract   PDF
David Rolnick
Volume 21, Issue 1 (2014) Treewidth of the Kneser Graph and the Erdős-Ko-Rado Theorem Abstract   PDF
Daniel J. Harvey, David R. Wood
Volume 3, Issue 2 (1996) (The Foata Festschrift volume) Treillis et bases des groupes de Coxeter Abstract   PDF
Alain Lascoux, Marcel-Paul Schützenberger
Volume 9 (2002) Triangle Free Sets and Arithmetic Progressions – Two Pisier Type Problems Abstract   PDF
Dennis Davenport, Neil Hindman, Dona Strauss
Volume 19, Issue 3 (2012) Triangle-Free Triangulations, Hyperplane Arrangements and Shifted Tableaux Abstract   PDF
Ron Adin, Yuval Roichman
Volume 23, Issue 4 (2016) Triangular Fully Packed Loop Configurations of Excess 2 Abstract   PDF
Sabine Beil
Volume 12 (2005) Triangulations and the Hajós Conjecture Abstract   PDF
Bojan Mohar
Volume 21, Issue 3 (2014) Trivial Meet and Join within the Lattice of Monotone Triangles Abstract   PDF
John Engbers, Adam Hammett
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