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Volume 16, Issue 2 (2009) (The Björner Festschrift volume) $f$-Vectors of $3$-Manifolds Abstract   PDF
Frank H. Lutz, Thom Sulanke, Ed Swartz
Volume 22, Issue 4 (2015) $h$-Polynomials via Reduced Forms Abstract   PDF
Karola Meszaros
Volume 19, Issue 1 (2012) $h$-Vectors of Small Matroid Complexes Abstract   PDF
Jesús A. De Loera, Yvonne Kemper, Steven Klee
Volume 11, Issue 2 (2004-6) (The Stanley Festschrift volume) $h^*$-Vectors, Eulerian Polynomials and Stable Polytopes of Graphs Abstract   PDF
Christos A. Athanasiadis
Volume 12 (2005) $k$-Colour Partitions of Acyclic Tournaments Abstract   PDF
Paulo Barcia, J. Orestes Cerdeira
Volume 16, Issue 1 (2009) $k$-Cycle Free One-Factorizations of Complete Graphs Abstract   PDF
Mariusz Meszka
Volume 21, Issue 4 (2014) $k$-Fold Sidon Sets Abstract   PDF
Javier Cilleruelo, Craig Timmons
Volume 11, Issue 1 (2004) $n$-Color Partition Theoretic Interpretations of some Mock Theta Functions Abstract   PDF
A. K. Agarwal
Volume 11, Issue 1 (2004) $q$-Analogues of the Sums of Consecutive Integers, Squares, Cubes, Quarts and Quints Abstract   PDF
Michael Schlosser
Volume 16, Issue 1 (2009) $q$-Counting Descent Pairs with Prescribed Tops and Bottoms Abstract   PDF
John Hall, Jeffrey Liese, Jeffrey B. Remmel
Volume 15 (2008) $q$-Eulerian Polynomials and Polynomials with Only Real Zeros Abstract   PDF
Shi-Mei Ma, Yi Wang
Volume 11, Issue 1 (2004) $q$-Exponential Families Abstract   PDF
Kent E. Morrison
Volume 12 (2005) $q$-Identities Related to Overpartitions and Divisor Functions Abstract   PDF
Amy M. Fu, Alain Lascoux
Volume 18, Issue 1 (2011) $q,t$-Catalan Numbers and Generators for the Radical Ideal defining the Diagonal Locus of $({\mathbb C}^2)^n$ Abstract   PDF
Kyungyong Lee, Li Li
Volume 23, Issue 4 (2016) $(s,t)$-Cores: a Weighted Version of Armstrong’s Conjecture Abstract   PDF
Matthew Fayers
Volume 19, Issue 4 (2012) Γ-Species and the Enumeration of $k$-Trees Abstract   PDF
Andrew Gainer-Dewar
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