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Volume 20, Issue 1 (2013) T-systems with Boundaries from Network Solutions Abstract   PDF
Philippe Di Francesco, Rinat Kedem
Volume 19, Issue 3 (2012) Turán $H$-Densities for 3-Graphs Abstract   PDF
Victor Falgas-Ravry, Emil R. Vaughan
Volume 23, Issue 2 (2016) Turán Numbers for 3-Uniform Linear Paths of Length 3 Abstract   PDF
Eliza Jackowska, Joanna Polcyn, Andrzej Ruciński
Volume 21, Issue 4 (2014) Turán Problems on Non-Uniform Hypergraphs Abstract   PDF
J. Travis Johnston, Linyuan Lu
Volume 15 (2008) Tutte Polynomial, Subgraphs, Orientations and Sandpile Model: New Connections via Embeddings Abstract   PDF
Olivier Bernardi
Volume 18, Issue 1 (2011) Two Characterizations of Hypercubes Abstract   PDF
Juhani Nieminen, Matti Peltola, Pasi Ruotsalainen
Volume 15 (2008) Two Coefficients of the Dyson Product Abstract   PDF
Lun Lv, Guoce Xin, Yue Zhou
Volume 14 (2007) Two Color Off-diagonal Rado-type Numbers Abstract   PDF
Kellen Myers, Aaron Robertson
Volume 3, Issue 2 (1996) (The Foata Festschrift volume) Two Congruences Involving 4-cores Abstract   PDF   COMMENT
Michael Hirschhorn, James A. Sellers
Volume 23, Issue 1 (2016) Two Descent Statistics over 321-Avoiding Centrosymmetric Involutions Abstract   PDF
Marilena Barnabei, Flavio Bonetti, Sergi Elizalde, Matteo Silimbani
Volume 1 (1994) Two Extremal Problems in Graph Theory Abstract   PDF
Richard A. Brualdi, Stephen Mellendorf
Volume 13 (2006) Two Finite Forms of Watson's Quintuple Product Identity and Matrix Inversion Abstract   PDF
X. Ma
Volume 20, Issue 4 (2013) Two Layer 3D Floor Planning Abstract   PDF
Paul Horn, Gabor Lippner
Volume 11, Issue 1 (2004) Two New Criteria for Comparison in the Bruhat Order Abstract   PDF
Brian Drake, Sean Gerrish, Mark Skandera
Volume 7 (2000) Two New Extensions of the Hales-Jewett Theorem Abstract   PDF
Randall McCutcheon
Volume 19, Issue 3 (2012) Two Permutation Classes related to the Bubble Sort Operator Abstract   PDF
Marilena Barnabei, Flavio Bonetti, Matteo Silimbani
Volume 18, Issue 2 (2011-2) (The Zeilberger Festschrift volume) Two Remarks on Skew Tableaux Abstract   PDF
Richard P. Stanley
Volume 17 (2010) Two Simple Proofs of Winquist's Identity Abstract   PDF
Chutchai Nupet, Sarachai Kongsiriwong
Volume 18, Issue 1 (2011) Two Statistics Linking Dyck Paths and Non-crossing Partitions Abstract   PDF
Haijian Zhao, Zheyuan Zhong
Volume 19, Issue 1 (2012) Two-Part Set Systems Abstract   PDF
Péter L. Erdős, Dániel Gerbner, Nathan Lemons, Dhruv Mubayi, Cory Palmer, Balázs Patkós
Volume 12 (2005) Two-Person Symmetric Whist Abstract   PDF
Johan Wästlund
Volume 10 (2003) Two-Stage Allocations and the Double $Q$-Function Abstract   PDF
Sergey Agievich
Volume 25, Issue 1 (2018) Two-Vertex Generators of Jacobians of Graphs Abstract   PDF
David Brandfonbrener, Pat Devlin, Netanel Friedenberg, Yuxuan Ke, Steffen Marcus, Henry Reichard, Ethan Sciamma
Dynamic Surveys Umbral Calculus Abstract   PDF   VERSIONS
A. Di Bucchianico, D. Loeb
Volume 14 (2007) Unbounded Regions of Infinitely Logconcave Sequences Abstract   PDF
David Uminsky, Karen Yeats
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