Some Quotients of Chain Products are Symmetric Chain Orders

Dwight Duffus, Jeremy McKibben-Sanders, Kyle Thayer


Canfield and Mason have conjectured that for all subgroups $G$ of the automorphism group of the Boolean lattice $B_n$ (which can be regarded as the symmetric group $S_n$), the quotient order $B_n/G$ is a symmetric chain order.  We provide a straightforward proof of a generalization of a result of K. K. Jordan: namely, $B_n/G$ is an SCO whenever $G$ is generated by powers of disjoint cycles. In addition, the Boolean lattice $B_n$ can be replaced by any product of finite chains. The symmetric chain decompositions of Greene and Kleitman provide the basis for partitions of these quotients.


symmetric chain decomposition, Boolean lattice, quotients

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