An Involution Proof of the Alladi-Gordon Key Identity for Schur's Partition Theorem

James J.Y. Zhao


The Alladi-Gordon identity $\sum_{k=0}^{j}(q^{i-k+1};q)_k\, {j \brack k} q^{(i-k)(j-k)}=1$ plays an important role for the Alladi-Gordon generalization of Schur's partition theorem. By using Joichi-Stanton's insertion algorithm, we present an overpartition interpretation for the Alladi-Gordon key identity. Based on this interpretation, we further obtain a combinatorial proof of the Alladi-Gordon key identity by establishing an involution on the underlying set of overpartitions.


the Alladi-Gordon key identity; Joichi-Stanton's insertion algorithm; Schur's celebrated partition theorem; overpartitions

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