New Results on Degree Sequences of Uniform Hypergraphs

Sarah Behrens, Catherine Erbes, Michael Ferrara, Stephen G. Hartke, Benjamin Reiniger, Hannah Spinoza, Charles Tomlinson


A sequence of nonnegative integers is $k$-graphic if it is the degree sequence of a $k$-uniform hypergraph. The only known characterization of $k$-graphic sequences is due to Dewdney in 1975. As this characterization does not yield an efficient algorithm, it is a fundamental open question to determine a more practical characterization. While several necessary conditions appear in the literature, there are few conditions that imply a sequence is $k$-graphic. In light of this, we present sharp sufficient conditions for $k$-graphicality based on a sequence's length and degree sum.

Kocay and Li gave a family of edge exchanges (an extension of 2-switches) that could be used to transform one realization of a 3-graphic sequence into any other realization. We extend their result to $k$-graphic sequences for all $k \geq 3$. Finally we give several applications of edge exchanges in hypergraphs, including generalizing a result of Busch et al. on packing graphic sequences.


degree sequence; hypergraph; edge exchange; packing

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