On the Group of Alternating Colored Permutations

Eli Bagno, David Garber, Toufik Mansour


The group of alternating colored permutations is the natural analogue of the classical alternating group, inside the wreath product $\mathbb{Z}_r \wr S_n$. We present a 'Coxeter-like' presentation for this group and compute the length function with respect to that presentation. Then, we present this group as a covering of $\mathbb{Z}_{\frac{r}{2}} \wr S_n$ and use this point of view to give another expression for the length function. We also use this covering to lift several known parameters of $\mathbb{Z}_{\frac{r}{2}} \wr S_n$ to the group of alternating colored permutations.


colored permutations; alternating group; permutation statistics; canonical presentation

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