Rainbow Matchings and Rainbow Connectedness

Alexey Pokrovskiy


Aharoni and Berger conjectured that every collection of $n$ matchings of size $n+1$ in a bipartite graph contains a rainbow matching of size $n$. This conjecture is related to several old conjectures of Ryser, Brualdi, and Stein about transversals in Latin squares. There have been many recent partial results about the Aharoni-Berger Conjecture. The conjecture is known to hold when the matchings are much larger than $n+1$. The best bound is currently due to Aharoni, Kotlar, and Ziv who proved the conjecture when the matchings are of size at least $3n/2+1$. When the matchings are all edge-disjoint and perfect, the best result follows from a theorem of Häggkvist and Johansson which implies the conjecture when the matchings have size at least $n+o(n)$.

In this paper we show that the conjecture is true when the matchings have size $n+o(n)$ and are all edge-disjoint (but not necessarily perfect). We also give an alternative argument to prove the conjecture when the matchings have size at least $\phi n+o(n)$ where $\phi\approx 1.618$ is the Golden Ratio.

Our proofs involve studying connectedness in coloured, directed graphs. The notion of connectedness that we introduce is new, and perhaps of independent interest.


Matchings, Connectedness, Latin Squares, Transversals

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