On a Vertex-Minimal Triangulation of $\mathbb R \mathrm P ^4$

Sonia Balagopalan


We give three constructions of a vertex-minimal triangulation of $4$-dimensional real projective space $\mathbb{R}\mathrm{P}^4$. The first construction describes a $4$-dimensional sphere on $32$ vertices, which is a double cover of a triangulated $\mathbb{R}\mathrm{P}^4$ and has a large amount of symmetry. The second and third constructions illustrate approaches to improving the known number of vertices needed to triangulate $n$-dimensional real projective space. All three constructions deliver the same combinatorial manifold, which is also the same as the only known $16$-vertex triangulation of $\mathbb{R}\mathrm{P}^4$. We also give a short, simple construction of the $22$-point Witt design, which is closely related to the complex we construct.


Combinatorial manifolds; Vertex-minimal; Minimal triangulation; Projective space; Witt design

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