On Parking Functions and the Zeta Map in Types B, C and D

Robin Sulzgruber, Marko Thiel


Let $\Phi$ be an irreducible crystallographic root system with Weyl group $W$, coroot lattice $\check{Q}$ and Coxeter number $h$. Recently the second named author defined a uniform $W$-isomorphism $\zeta$ between the finite torus $\check{Q}/(mh+1)\check{Q}$ and the set of non-nesting parking functions $\operatorname{Park}^{(m)}(\Phi)$. If $\Phi$ is of type $A_{n-1}$ and $m=1$ this map is equivalent to a map defined on labelled Dyck paths that arises in the study of the Hilbert series of the space of diagonal harmonics.

In this paper we investigate the case $m=1$ for the other infinite families of root systems ($B_n$, $C_n$ and $D_n$). In each type we define models for the finite torus and for the set of non-nesting parking functions in terms of labelled lattice paths. The map $\zeta$ can then be viewed as a map between these combinatorial objects. Our work entails new bijections between (square) lattice paths and ballot paths.


Diagonal harmonics; Lattice paths; Parking functions; Weyl groups

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