Volume 24, Issue 3 (2017)



On the Nonexistence of $k$-Reptile Simplices in $\mathbb R^3$ and $\mathbb R^4$ PDF
Jan Kynčl, Zuzana Patáková P3.1
$T$-Joins in Infinite Graphs PDF
Attila Joó P3.2
Ideals and Quotients of Diagonally Quasi-Symmetric Functions PDF
Shu Xiao Li P3.3
The Spectral Gap of Graphs Arising From Substring Reversals PDF
Fan Chung, Josh Tobin P3.4
Multicolor Ramsey Numbers and Restricted Turán Numbers for the Loose 3-Uniform Path of Length Three PDF
Andrzej Ruciński, Eliza Jackowska, Joanna Polcyn P3.5
Bounds for Distinguishing Invariants of Infinite Graphs PDF
Wilfried Imrich, Rafał Kalinowski, Monika Pilśniak, Mohammad Hadi Shekarriz P3.6
Bijection Between Oriented Maps and Weighted Non-Oriented Maps PDF
Agnieszka Czyżewska-Jankowska, Piotr Śniady P3.7
Coloring Graphs with no Even Hole of Length at Least 6: the Triangle-Free Case PDF
Aurélie Lagoutte P3.8
Analysis of the Gift Exchange Problem PDF APPENDIX I APPENDIX II
Moa Apagodu, David Applegate, N. J. A. Sloane, Doron Zeilberger P3.9
A Hopf Algebraic Approach to Schur Function Identities PDF
Karen Yeats P3.10
On the Number of Solutions in Random Hypergraph 2-Colouring PDF
Felicia Rassmann P3.11
Kazhdan-Lusztig Polynomials of Thagomizer Matroids PDF
Katie R. Gedeon P3.12
Sorting via Chip-Firing PDF
Sam Hopkins, Thomas McConville, James Propp P3.13
Expanders with Superquadratic Growth PDF
Antal Balog, Oliver Roche-Newton, Dmitry Zhelezov P3.14
Orthogonal Trades in Complete Sets of MOLS PDF
Nicholas Cavenagh, Diane Donovan, Fatih Demirkale P3.15
On the Structure of the Power Graph and the Enhanced Power Graph of a Group PDF
Ghodratollah Aalipour, Saieed Akbari, Peter J. Cameron, Reza Nikandish, Farzad Shaveisi P3.16
Coincidences between Characters to Hook Partitions and 2-Part Partitions on Families arising from 2-Regular Classes PDF
Christine Bessenrodt P3.17
Unified Hanani–Tutte Theorem PDF
Radoslav Fulek, Jan Kynčl, Dömötör Pálvölgyi P3.18
New Constructions of Self-Complementary Cayley Graphs PDF
Lei Wang, Cai Heng Li, Yin Liu, Ci Xuan Wu P3.19
Uniform Mixing on Cayley Graphs PDF
Chris Godsil, Hanmeng Zhan P3.20
Tail Positive Words and Generalized Coinvariant Algebras PDF
Brendon Rhoades, Andrew Timothy Wilson P3.21
Uniform Mixing and Association Schemes PDF
Chris Godsil, Natalie Mullin, Aidan Roy P3.22
Disjoint Difference Families from Galois Rings PDF
Koji Momihara P3.23
Top Degree Part in $b$-Conjecture for Unicellular Bipartite Maps PDF
Maciej Dołęga P3.24
Frankl's Conjecture for Subgroup Lattices PDF
Alireza Abdollahi, Russ Woodroofe, Gjergji Zaimi P3.25
A Note on Intersecting Hypergraphs with Large Cover Number PDF
P. E. Haxell, A. D. Scott P3.26
On some Euler-Mahonian Distributions PDF
Angela Carnevale P3.27
Counting Lyndon Factors PDF
Amy Glen, Jamie Simpson, W. F. Smyth P3.28
Beyond Degree Choosability PDF
Daniel W. Cranston, Landon Rabern P3.29
Quasi-Eulerian Hypergraphs PDF
Amin Bahmanian, Mateja Šajna P3.30
The Total Acquisition Number of Random Geometric Graphs PDF
Ewa Infeld, Dieter Mitsche, Paweł Prałat P3.31
On $t$-Common List-Colorings PDF
Hojin Choi, Young Soo Kwon P3.32
Gröbner Bases Techniques for an $S$-Packing $k$-Coloring of a Graph PDF
Hamid Maarouf P3.33
Multidimensional Lower Density Versions of Plünnecke’s Inequality PDF
Kamil Bulinski P3.34
Lower Bounds on Words Separation: Are There Short Identities in Transformation Semigroups? PDF
Andrei A. Bulatov, Olga Karpova, Arseny M. Shur, Konstantin Startsev P3.35
Counting Gluings of Octahedra PDF
Valentin Bonzom, Luca Lionni P3.36
New Upper Bound for Sums of Dilates PDF
Albert Bush, Yi Zhao P3.37
A Note on Sparse Supersaturation and Extremal Results for Linear Homogeneous Systems PDF
Christoph Spiegel P3.38
A Dual Ramsey Theorem for Permutations PDF
Dragan Mašulović P3.39
Tomaszewski's Problem on Randomly Signed Sums: Breaking the 3/8 Barrier PDF
Ravi B. Boppana, Ron Holzman P3.40
Fair Splitting of Colored Paths PDF
Meysam Alishahi, Frédéric Meunier P3.41
Connected Even Factors in the Square of Essentially 2-Edge-connected Graph PDF
Jan Ekstein, Baoyindureng Wu, Liming Xiong P3.42
Enumeration of Chord Diagrams without Loops and Parallel Chords PDF
Evgeniy Krasko, Alexander Omelchenko P3.43
Nice Restrictions of Reflection Arrangements PDF
Tilman Möller, Gerhard Röhrle P3.44
Vertex-Addition Strategy for Domination-Like Invariants PDF
Michitaka Furuya, Naoki Matsumoto P3.45
On a Special Class of Hyper-Permutahedra PDF
Geir Agnarsson P3.46
Do Triangle-Free Planar Graphs have Exponentially Many $3$-Colorings? PDF
Zdeněk Dvořák, Jean-Sébastien Sereni P3.47
Combinatorial Reductions for the Stanley Depth of $I$ and $S/I$ PDF
Mitchel T. Keller, Stephen J. Young P3.48
A Note on the Rainbow Connection of Random Regular Graphs PDF
Michael Molloy P3.49
Promotion of Increasing Tableaux: Frames and Homomesies PDF
Oliver Pechenik P3.50
Crystal Analysis of type C Stanley Symmetric Functions PDF
Graham Hawkes, Kirill Paramonov, Anne Schilling P3.51
Internally Fair Factorizations and Internally Fair Holey Factorizations with Prescribed Regularity PDF
Aras Erzurumluoğlu, Chris A. Rodger P3.52
Note on the Union-Closed Sets Conjecture PDF
Abigail Raz P3.53
Large Monochromatic Components in Edge Colored Graphs with a Minimum Degree Condition PDF
András Gyárfás, Gábor Sárközy P3.54
Application of Smirnov Words to Waiting Time Distributions of Runs PDF
Uta Freiberg, Clemens Heuberger, Helmut Prodinger P3.55
Stability for Vertex Cycle Covers PDF
József Balogh, Frank Mousset, Jozef Skokan P3.56
Majority Choosability of Digraphs PDF
Marcin Anholcer, Bartłomiej Bosek, Jarosław Grytczuk P3.57
Group Actions on Partitions PDF
Byungchan Kim P3.58
Non-Flat Regular Polytopes and Restrictions on Chiral Polytopes PDF
Gabe Cunningham P3.59
Perfect Fractional Matchings in $k$-Out Hypergraphs PDF
Pat Devlin, Jeff Kahn P3.60
Rational Dyck Paths in the Non Relatively Prime Case PDF
Eugene Gorsky, Mikhail Mazin, Monica Vazirani P3.61
Asymptotic Behavior of Odd-Even Partitions PDF
Min-Joo Jang P3.62
Unimodal Permutations and Almost-Increasing Cycles PDF
Kassie Archer, L.-K. Lauderdale P3.63
Relative Difference Sets Partitioned by Cosets PDF
Peter J. Dukes, Alan C.H. Ling P3.64
A Conjecture of Norine and Thomas for Abelian Cayley Graphs PDF
Fuliang Lu, Lianzhu Zhang P3.65
Pruned Double Hurwitz Numbers PDF
Marvin Anas Hahn P3.66

##journal.issn##: 1077-8926