Volume 21, Issue 4 (2014)

Table of Contents


The Optimal Drawings of $K_{5,n}$ PDF
César Hernández-Vélez, Carolina Medina, Gelasio Salazar P4.1
Limits of Boolean Functions on $\mathbb{F}_p^n$ PDF
Hamed Hatami, Pooya Hatami, James Hirst P4.2
Permutation Reconstruction from Differences PDF
Marzio De Biasi P4.3
Isometric Embeddings of Half-Cube Graphs in Half-Spin Grassmannians PDF
Mark Pankov P4.4
An Extension of Turán's Theorem, Uniqueness and Stability PDF
Peter Allen, Julia Böttcher, Jan Hladký, Diana Piguet P4.5
Coxeter-Knuth Graphs and a Signed Little Map for Type B Reduced Words PDF
Sara Billey, Zachary Hamaker, Austin Roberts, Benjamin Young P4.6

ISSN: 1077-8926