Volume 22, Issue 3 (2015)

Table of Contents


On Obstacle Numbers PDF
Vida Dujmović, Pat Morin P3.1
On a Conjecture of Thomassen PDF
Michelle Delcourt, Asaf Ferber P3.2
Distinct Parts Partitions without Sequences PDF
Kathrin Bringmann, Karl Mahlburg, Karthik Nataraj P3.3
Homomesy in Products of Two Chains PDF
James Propp, Tom Roby P3.4
Small Regular Graphs of Girth 7 PDF
M. Abreu, G. Araujo-Pardo, C. Balbuena, D. Labbate, J. Salas P3.5
Completing Partial Proper Colorings using Hall's Condition PDF
Sarah Holliday, Jennifer Vandenbussche, Erik E Westlund P3.6
Acyclic Subgraphs of Planar Digraphs PDF
Noah Golowich, David Rolnick P3.7
Arithmetic Properties of a Restricted Bipartition Function PDF
Jian Liu, Andrew Y.Z. Wang P3.8
Strong Turán Stability PDF
Mykhaylo Tyomkyn, Andrew J. Uzzell P3.9
Mutually Unbiased Bush-type Hadamard Matrices and Association Schemes PDF
Hadi Kharaghani, Sara Sasani, Sho Suda P3.10
New Lower Bounds for 28 Classical Ramsey Numbers PDF DATA
Geoffrey Exoo, Milos Tatarevic P3.11
Sign Conjugacy Classes of the Symmetric Groups PDF
Lucia Morotti P3.12
Forbidden Triples Generating a Finite set of 3-Connected Graphs PDF
Yoshimi Egawa, Jun Fujisawa, Michitaka Furuya, Michael D Plummer, Akira Saito P3.13
Generalized Small Schröder Numbers PDF
JiSun Huh, SeungKyung Park P3.14
Rectangular Symmetries for Coefficients of Symmetric Functions PDF
Emmanuel Briand, Rosa Orellana, Mercedes Rosas P3.15
On the Density of Certain Languages with $p^2$ Letters PDF
Carlos Segovia, Monika Winklmeier P3.16
Overpartitions with Restricted Odd Differences PDF
Kathrin Bringmann, Jehanne Dousse, Jeremy Lovejoy, Karl Mahlburg P3.17
Local Fusion Graphs and Sporadic Simple Groups PDF
John Ballantyne, Peter Rowley P3.18
A Relationship Between Generalized Davenport-Schinzel Sequences and Interval Chains PDF
Jesse Geneson P3.19
Absolute Differences Along Hamiltonian Paths PDF
Francesco Monopoli P3.20
Closing the Gap on Path-Kipas Ramsey Numbers PDF
Binlong Li, Yanbo Zhang, Halina Bielak, Hajo Broersma, Premek Holub P3.21
Nondeterministic Automatic Complexity of Overlap-Free and Almost Square-Free Words PDF
Kayleigh K. Hyde, Bjørn Kjos-Hanssen P3.22
Zeros of Jones Polynomials of Graphs PDF
Fengming Dong, Xian'an Jin P3.23
On the Largest Component of a Hyperbolic Model of Complex Networks PDF
Michel Bode, Nikolaos Fountoulakis, Tobias Müller P3.24
On Edge-Transitive Graphs of Square-Free Order PDF
Cai Heng Li, Zai Ping Lu, Gai Xia Wang P3.25
Linear Transformations Preserving the Strong $q$-log-convexity of Polynomials PDF
Bao-Xuan Zhu, Hua Sun P3.26
Connectivity of some Algebraically Defined Digraphs PDF
Aleksandr Kodess, Felix Lazebnik P3.27
Weight of 3-Paths in Sparse Plane Graphs PDF
V. A. Aksenov, O. V. Borodin, A. O. Ivanova P3.28
On the Game Domination Number of Graphs with Given Minimum Degree PDF
Csilla Bujtás P3.29
The Covering Problem in Rosenbloom-Tsfasman Spaces PDF
André G. Castoldi, Emerson L. Monte Carmelo P3.30
Covering Partial Cubes with Zones PDF
Jean Cardinal, Stefan Felsner P3.31

ISSN: 1077-8926