Volume 22, Issue 1 (2015)

Table of Contents


Periodic Rigidity on a Variable Torus Using Inductive Constructions PDF
Anthony Nixon, Elissa Ross P1.1
Evaluating the Numbers of some Skew Standard Young Tableaux of Truncated Shapes PDF
Ping Sun P1.2
Some Enumerations on Non-Decreasing Dyck Paths PDF
Éva Czabarka, Rigoberto Flórez, Leandro Junes P1.3
Group Homomorphisms as Error Correcting Codes PDF
Alan Guo P1.4
Vertically Symmetric Alternating Sign Matrices and a Multivariate Laurent Polynomial Identity PDF
Ilse Fischer, Lukas Riegler P1.5
On-Line Choice Number of Complete Multipartite Graphs: an Algorithmic Approach PDF
Fei-Huang Chang, Hong-Bin Chen, Jun-Yi Guo, Yu-Pei Huang P1.6
On Computing the Degree of Convexity of Polyominoes PDF
Stefano Brocchi, Giuseppa Castiglione, Paolo Massazza P1.7
The Concavity and Convexity of the Boros-Moll Sequences PDF
Ernest X.W. Xia P1.8
Proof of a Conjecture of Amdeberhan and Moll on a Divisibility Property of Binomial Coefficients PDF
Quan-Hui Yang P1.9
Discrete Dirac Operators, Critical Embeddings and Ihara-Selberg Functions PDF
Martin Loebl, Petr Somberg P1.10
Maximum 4-Degenerate Subgraph of a Planar Graph PDF
Robert Lukot'ka, Ján Mazák, Xuding Zhu P1.11
Characterizations of Regularity for certain $Q$-Polynomial Association Schemes PDF
Sho Suda P1.12
Spanning $k$-trees of Bipartite Graphs PDF
Mikio Kano, Kenta Ozeki, Kazuhiro Suzuki, Masao Tsugaki, Tomoki Yamashita P1.13
Crossings and Nestings for Arc-Coloured Permutations and Automation PDF
Lily Yen P1.14
On-line Ramsey Numbers of Paths and Cycles PDF
Joanna Cyman, Tomasz Dzido, John Lapinskas, Allan Lo P1.15
On Keller’s Conjecture in Dimension Seven PDF
Andrzej P. Kisielewicz, Magdalena Łysakowska P1.16
Brown's Theorem and its Application for Enumeration of Dissections and Planar Trees PDF
Evgeniy Krasko, Alexander Omelchenko P1.17
Multiple Coverings with Closed Polygons PDF
István Kovács, Géza Tóth P1.18
On the Codes Related to the Higman-Sims Graph PDF
Wolfgang Knapp, Hans-Jörg Schaeffer P1.19
On a Refinement of Wilf-equivalence for Permutations PDF
Sherry H.F. Yan, Huiyun Ge, Yaqiu Zhang P1.20
On Commuting Graphs for Elements of Order 3 in Symmetric Groups PDF
Athirah Nawawi, Peter Rowley P1.21
A Characterization of the Hermitian Variety in Finite 3-Dimensional Projective Spaces PDF
Vito Napolitano P1.22
Faster Rumor Spreading With Multiple Calls PDF
Konstantinos Panagiotou, Ali Pourmiri, Thomas Sauerwald P1.23
Polygons as Sections of Higher-Dimensional Polytopes PDF
Arnau Padrol, Julian Pfeifle P1.24
On a Certain Vector Crank Modulo 7 PDF
Michael D. Hirschhorn, Pee Choon Toh P1.25
Wieland Drift for Triangular Fully Packed Loop Configurations PDF
Sabine Beil, Ilse Fischer, Philippe Nadeau P1.26
A New Approach to the 2-Regularity of the $\ell$-Abelian Complexity of 2-Automatic Sequences PDF
Aline Parreau, Michel Rigo, Eric Rowland, Élise Vandomme P1.27
Density of Gallai Multigraphs PDF
Colton Magnant P1.28
Power of $k$ Choices and Rainbow Spanning Trees in Random Graphs PDF
Deepak Bal, Patrick Bennett, Alan Frieze, Paweł Prałat P1.29
Induced and Non-induced Forbidden Subposet Problems PDF
Balázs Patkós P1.30
Maximal Clades in Random Binary Search Trees PDF
Svante Janson P1.31
An improved lower bound related to the Furstenberg-Sárközy theorem PDF
Mark Lewko P1.32
Exchangeable Pairs, Switchings, and Random Regular Graphs PDF
Tobias Johnson P1.33
Between 2- and 3-Colorability PDF
Alan Frieze, Wesley Pegden P1.34
On Limits of Dense Packing of Equal Spheres in a Cube PDF
Milos Tatarevic P1.35
Conditions for the Parameters of the Block Graph of Quasi-Symmetric Designs PDF
Rajendra M. Pawale, Mohan S. Shrikhande, Shubhada M. Nyayate P1.36
Modular Statistics for Subgraph Counts in Sparse Random Graphs PDF
Bobby DeMarco, Jeff Kahn, Amanda Redlich P1.37
A Generalization of the $k$-Bonacci Sequence from Riordan Arrays PDF
José L. Ramírez, Víctor F. Sirvent P1.38
Leapfrog Constructions: From Continuant Polynomials to Permanents of Matrices PDF
Alberto Facchini, André Leroy P1.39
A Note on Goldbach Partitions of Large Even Integers PDF
Ljuben Mutafchiev P1.40
The Maximum Difference between the Number of Atoms and Number of Coatoms of a Bruhat Interval of the Symmetric Group PDF
Emmanuel Tsukerman P1.41
Backward Jeu de Taquin Slides for Composition Tableaux and a Noncommutative Pieri Rule PDF
Vasu Tewari P1.42
Forcing Finite Minors in Sparse Infinite Graphs by Large-Degree Assumptions PDF
Reinhard Diestel P1.43
On Graph Parameters Guaranteeing Fast Sandpile Diffusion PDF
Ayush Choure, Sundar Vishwanathan P1.44
Some Results on the Structure of Multipoles in the Study of Snarks PDF
M. A. Fiol, J. Vilaltella P1.45
Bipartite Graphs whose Squares are not Chromatic-Choosable PDF
Seog-Jin Kim, Boram Park P1.46
On Maltsev Digraphs PDF
Catarina Carvalho, Laszlo Egri, Marcel Jackson, Todd Niven P1.47
On the Longest $k$-Alternating Subsequence PDF
Igor Pak, Robin Pemantle P1.48
Characterisations of Elementary Pseudo-Caps and Good Eggs PDF
Sara Rottey, Geertrui Van de Voorde P1.49
Decomposing Dense Bipartite Graphs into 4-Cycles PDF
Nicholas Cavenagh P1.50
Small Snarks with Large Oddness PDF
Robert Lukoťka, Edita Máčajová, Ján Mazák, Martin Škoviera P1.51

ISSN: 1077-8926