Volume 4, Issue 2 (1997) (The Wilf Festschrift volume)

Table of Contents


A Tribute to Herbert S. Wilf HTML
Fan Chung, Joan Hutchinson I1

Research Papers

A Purely Combinatorial Proof of the Hadwiger Debrunner $(p,q)$ Conjecture PDF
N. Alon, D. J. Kleitman R1
Ramanujan's Method in q-Series Congruences PDF
George E. Andrews R2
Hypergeometric Series Acceleration Via the WZ method PDF
Tewodros Amdeberhan, Doron Zeilberger R3
A note on major sequences and external activity in trees PDF
Janet S. Beissinger, Uri N. Peled R4
Evaluations of $k$-fold Euler/Zagier sums: a compendium of results for arbitrary $k$ PDF
J. M. Borwein, D. M. Bradley, D. J. Broadhurst R5
From Recursions to Asymptotics: On Szekeres' Formula for the Number of Partitions PDF
E. Rodney Canfield R6
Random walks on generating sets for finite groups PDF
F. R. K. Chung, R. L. Graham R7
On cycles in the coprime graph of integers PDF
Paul Erdős, Gabor N. Sarkozy R8
Calcul Basique des Permutations Signées, II: Analogues Finis des Fonctions de BesseL PDF
Dominique Foata, Guo-Niu Han R9
Combinatorial Game Theory Foundations Applied to Digraph Kernels PDF
Aviezri S. Fraenkel R10
Generating Functions and Generalized Dedekind Sums PDF
Ira Gessel R11
Shape Tiling PDF
Kevin Keating, Jonathan L. King R12
Upper Bounds on the Order of Cages PDF
F. Lazebnik, V. A. Ustimenko, A. J. Woldar R13
Monotonic subsequences in dimensions higher than one. PDF
A. Odlyzko, J. B. Shearer, R. Siders R14
Generating Random Elements of Finite Distributive Lattices PDF COMMENT
James Propp R15
The Last Digit of ${2n \choose n}$ and $\sum {n \choose i}{2n-2i \choose n-i}$ PDF
Walter Shur R16
Escher's Combinatorial Patterns PDF
Doris Schattschneider R17
Some geometric probability problems involving the Eulerian numbers PDF
Frank Schmidt, Rodica Simion R18
Real Time Asymptotic Packing PDF
Joel Spencer R19
Parking Functions and Noncrossing Partitions PDF
Richard P. Stanley R20
When can the sum of $(1/p)$th of the binomial coefficients have closed form? PDF
Marko Petkovšek, Herbert S. Wilf R21
Dodgson's Determinant-Evaluation Rule Proved by Two-Timing Men and Women PDF
Doron Zeilberger R22
On a Tiling Scheme from M.C.Escher PDF
Dan Davis R23

ISSN: 1077-8926