Volume 8, Issue 2 (2001) (The Fraenkel Festschrift volume)

Table of Contents


Aviezri Fraenkel: A Brief Biography PDF
Shaula Fraenkel I1
Aviezri Fraenkel and Combinatorial Games PDF
Richard K. Guy I2
Aviezri Fraenkel's Work in Number Theory PDF
Jamie Simpson I3
Aviezri Fraenkel's Work in Information Retrieval and Related Areas PDF
Yaacov Choueka I4

Research Papers

The Game of End-Nim PDF
Michael H. Albert, Richard J. Nowakowski R1
Optimal Token Allocations in Solitaire Knock 'm Down PDF
Arthur T. Benjamin, Matthew T. Fluet, Mark L. Huber R2
Six Lonely Runners PDF
Tom Bohman, Ron Holzman, Dan Kleitman R3
Dartboard Arrangements PDF
G. L. Cohen, E. Tonkes R4
Computing Evolutionary Chains in Musical Sequences PDF
Maxime Crochemore, Costas S. Iliopoulos, Yoan J. Pinzon R5
The Well-Rounded Linear Function PDF
Roger B. Eggleton R6
Pairs of Disjoint $q$-element Subsets Far from Each Other PDF
Hikoe Enomoto, Gyula O. H. Katona R7
A Finite Word Poset PDF
Péter L. Erdős, Péter Sziklai, David C. Torney R8
Another Form of Matrix Nim PDF
Thomas S. Ferguson R9
The Subword Complexity of a Two-Parameter Family of Sequences PDF
Aviezri S. Fraenkel, Tamar Seeman, Jamie Simpson R10
The Hexad Game PDF
Joseph Kahane, Alexander J. Ryba R11
Competitive Colorings of Oriented Graphs PDF
H. A. Kierstead, W. T. Trotter R12
A Simple Card Guessing Game Revisited PDF
Arnold Knopfmacher, Helmut Prodinger R13
On the Oriented Game Chromatic Number PDF
J. Nešetřil, E. Sopena R14
Sumsets of Finite Beatty Sequences PDF
Jane Pitman R15
Combinatorial Identities from the Spectral Theory of Quantum Graphs PDF
Holger Schanz, Uzy Smilansky R16
The Tenacity of Zero-One Laws PDF
Joel H. Spencer, Katherine St. John R17


How Berger, Felzenbaum and Fraenkel Revolutionized Covering Systems the Same Way that George Boole Revolutionized Logic PDF
Doron Zeilberger A1

ISSN: 1077-8926