Volume 23, Issue 4 (2016)

Table of Contents


Isotropic Matroids I: Multimatroids and Neighborhoods PDF
Robert Brijder, Lorenzo Traldi P4.1
Isotropic Matroids II: Circle Graphs PDF
Robert Brijder, Lorenzo Traldi P4.2
On the Potts Antiferromagnet on Random Graphs PDF
Amin Coja-Oghlan, Nor Jaafari P4.3
Coloring Non-Crossing Strings PDF
Louis Esperet, Daniel Gonçalves, Arnaud Labourel P4.4
Packing Polynomials on Multidimensional Integer Sectors PDF
Luis B. Morales P4.5
On Matchings in Stochastic Kronecker Graphs PDF
Justyna Banaszak P4.6
On Almost-Regular Edge Colourings of Hypergraphs PDF
Darryn Bryant P4.7
Upper Bounds for Stern's Diatomic Sequence and Related Sequences PDF
Colin Defant P4.8
The Smith and Critical Groups of the Square Rook's Graph and its Complement PDF
Joshua E. Ducey, Jonathan Gerhard, Noah Watson P4.9
All or Nothing at All PDF
Paolo D'Arco, Navid Nasr Esfahani, Douglas R. Stinson P4.10
A Short Conceptual Proof of Narayana's Path-Counting Formula PDF
Mihai Ciucu P4.11
Upper Bounds on the Minimum Size of Hamilton Saturated Hypergraphs PDF
Andrzej Ruciński, Andrzej Żak P4.12
Intersections of the Hermitian Surface with Irreducible Quadrics in Even Characteristic PDF
Angela Aguglia, Luca Giuzzi P4.13
Triangular Fully Packed Loop Configurations of Excess 2 PDF
Sabine Beil P4.14
Some Self-Orthogonal Codes Related to Higman's Geometry PDF
Jamshid Moori, B. D. Rodrigues P4.15
Incidences with Curves in $\mathbb{R}^d$ PDF
Micha Sharir, Adam Sheffer, Noam Solomon P4.16
Grasshopper Avoidance of Patterns PDF
Michał Dębski, Urszula Pastwa, Krzysztof Węsek P4.17
Modification of Griffiths' Result for Even Integers PDF
Eshita Mazumdar, Sneh Bala Sinha P4.18
Every Graph $G$ is Hall $\Delta(G)$-Extendible PDF
Sarah Holliday, Jennifer Vandenbussche, Erik E. Westlund P4.19
The Cycle Descent Statistic on Permutations PDF
Jun Ma, Shi-Mei Ma, Yeong-Nan Yeh, Xu Zhu P4.20
Hadwiger's Conjecture for 3-Arc Graphs PDF
David Wood, Guangjun Xu, Sanming Zhou P4.21
Preserving the Number of Cycles of Length $k$ in a Growing Uniform Permutation PDF
Philippe Duchon, Romaric Duvignau P4.22
Symmetric Isostatic Frameworks with $\ell^1$ or $\ell^\infty$ Distance Constraints PDF
Derek Kitson, Bernd Schulze P4.23
Resolvable Group Divisible Designs with Large Groups PDF
Peter J. Dukes, Esther R. Lamken, Alan C.H. Ling P4.24
Invariant Tensors and the Cyclic Sieving Phenomenon PDF
Bruce W. Westbury P4.25
Corners in Tree-Like Tableaux PDF
Paweł Hitczenko, Amanda Lohss P4.26
A Note on $\mathtt{V}$-free 2-matchings PDF
Kristóf Bérczi, Attila Bernáth, Máté Vizer P4.27
On Universal Hypergraphs PDF
Samuel Hetterich, Olaf Parczyk, Yury Person P4.28
Inclusion Matrices and the MDS Conjecture PDF
Ameera Chowdhury P4.29
Antipode Formulas for some Combinatorial Hopf Algebras PDF
Rebecca Patrias P4.30
Equitable Orientations of Sparse Uniform Hypergraphs PDF
Nathann Cohen, William Lochet P4.31
$(s,t)$-Cores: a Weighted Version of Armstrong’s Conjecture PDF
Matthew Fayers P4.32
On Total Positivity of Catalan-Stieltjes Matrices PDF
Qiongqiong Pan, Jiang Zeng P4.33
Dominating Sequences in Grid-Like and Toroidal Graphs PDF
Boštjan Brešar, Csilla Bujtás, Tanja Gologranc, Sandi Klavžar, Gašper Košmrlj, Balázs Patkós, Zsolt Tuza, Máté Vizer P4.34
Directed Rooted Forests in Higher Dimension PDF
Olivier Bernardi, Caroline J. Klivans P4.35
Large Deviations for Permutations Avoiding Monotone Patterns PDF
Neal Madras, Lerna Pehlivan P4.36
The CI Problem for Infinite Groups PDF
Joy Morris P4.37
Client-Waiter Games on Complete and Random Graphs PDF
Oren Dean, Michael Krivelevich P4.38
On the Number of Similar Instances of a Pattern in a Finite Set PDF
Bernardo M. Ábrego, Silvia Fernández-Merchant, Daniel J. Katz, Levon Kolesnikov P4.39
Pathwidth and Nonrepetitive List Coloring PDF
Adam Gągol, Gwenaël Joret, Jakub Kozik, Piotr Micek P4.40
Cluster Automorphisms and the Marked Exchange Graphs of Skew-Symmetrizable Cluster Algebras PDF
John W Lawson P4.41
Exponential Domination in Subcubic Graphs PDF
Stéphane Bessy, Pascal Ochem, Dieter Rautenbach P4.42
Pieri Rules for Classical Groups and Equinumeration between Generalized Oscillating Tableaux and Semistandard Tableaux PDF
Soichi Okada P4.43
The Lattice of Definable Equivalence Relations in Homogeneous $n$-Dimensional Permutation Structures PDF
Samuel Braunfeld P4.44
A Sharp Bound for the Product of Weights of Cross-Intersecting Families PDF
Peter Borg P4.45
Induced Colorful Trees and Paths in Large Chromatic Graphs PDF
Andras Gyarfas, Gabor Sarkozy P4.46

ISSN: 1077-8926