Graph Labeling

  • Joseph A. Gallian


A graph labeling is an assignment of integers to the vertices or edges, or both, subject to certain conditions. Graph labelings were first introduced in the mid 1960s. In the intervening 50 years nearly 200 graph labelings techniques have been studied in over 2000 papers. Finding out what has been done for any particular kind of labeling and keeping up with new discoveries is difficult because of the sheer number of papers and because many of the papers have appeared in journals that are not widely available. In this survey, I have collected everything I could find on graph labeling. For the convenience of the reader the survey includes a detailed table of contents and index. This edition has 55 additional pages and 308 new references that are identified with the reference number and the word “new” in the right margin.

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DS6: Dec 1, 2023