Sequenceable Groups and Related Topics

  • M. A. Ollis


In 1980, about 20 years after sequenceable groups were introduced by Gordon to construct row-complete latin squares, Keedwell published a survey of all the available results concerning sequencings. This was updated (jointly with Dénes) in 1991 and a short overview, including results about complete mappings and R-sequencings, was given in the CRC Handbook of Combinatorial Designs in 1995. In Sections 1 and 2 we give a survey of the current situation concerning sequencings, including details of the most important constructions. In Section 3 we consider some concepts closely related to sequenceable groups: R-sequencings, harmonious groups, supersequenceable groups (also known as super P-groups), terraces and the Gordon game. We also look at constructions for row-complete latin squares that do not use sequencings.

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DS10: May 31, 2013