Switching of Edges in Strongly Regular Graphs I: A Family of Partial Difference Sets on 100 Vertices

  • L. K. Jørgensen
  • M. Klin


We present 15 new partial difference sets over 4 non-abelian groups of order 100 and 2 new strongly regular graphs with intransitive automorphism groups. The strongly regular graphs and corresponding partial difference sets have the following parameters: (100,22,0,6), (100,36,14,12), (100,45,20,20), (100,44,18,20). The existence of strongly regular graphs with the latter set of parameters was an open question. Our method is based on combination of Galois correspondence between permutation groups and association schemes, classical Seidel's switching of edges and essential use of computer algebra packages. As a by-product, a few new amorphic association schemes with 3 classes on 100 points are discovered.

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