New Lower Bound for Multicolor Ramsey Numbers for Even Cycles

  • Tomasz Dzido
  • Andrzej Nowik
  • Piotr Szuca


For given finite family of graphs $G_{1}, G_{2}, \ldots , G_{k}, k \geq 2$, the multicolor Ramsey number $R(G_{1}, G_{2}, \ldots , G_{k})$ is the smallest integer $n$ such that if we arbitrarily color the edges of the complete graph on $n$ vertices with $k$ colors then there is always a monochromatic copy of $G_{i}$ colored with $i$, for some $1 \leq i \leq k$. We give a lower bound for $k-$color Ramsey number $R(C_{m}, C_{m}, \ldots , C_{m})$, where $m \geq 4$ is even and $C_{m}$ is the cycle on $m$ vertices.

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