On the Kronecker Product $s_{(n-p,p)}\ast s_{\lambda}$

  • C. M. Ballantine
  • R. C. Orellana


The Kronecker product of two Schur functions $s_{\lambda}$ and $s_{\mu}$, denoted $s_{\lambda}\ast s_{\mu}$, is defined as the Frobenius characteristic of the tensor product of the irreducible representations of the symmetric group indexed by partitions of $n$, $\lambda$ and $\mu$, respectively. The coefficient, $g_{\lambda,\mu,\nu}$, of $s_{\nu}$ in $s_{\lambda}\ast s_{\mu}$ is equal to the multiplicity of the irreducible representation indexed by $\nu$ in the tensor product. In this paper we give an algorithm for expanding the Kronecker product $s_{(n-p,p)}\ast s_{\lambda}$ if $\lambda_1-\lambda_2\geq 2p$. As a consequence of this algorithm we obtain a formula for $g_{(n-p,p), \lambda ,\nu}$ in terms of the Littlewood-Richardson coefficients which does not involve cancellations. Another consequence of our algorithm is that if $\lambda_1-\lambda_2\geq 2p$ then every Kronecker coefficient in $s_{(n-p,p)}\ast s_{\lambda}$ is independent of $n$, in other words, $g_{(n-p,p),\lambda,\nu}$ is stable for all $\nu$.

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