Noncrossing Trees and Noncrossing Graphs

  • William Y. C. Chen
  • Sherry H. F. Yan


We give a parity reversing involution on noncrossing trees that leads to a combinatorial interpretation of a formula on noncrossing trees and symmetric ternary trees in answer to a problem proposed by Hough. We use the representation of Panholzer and Prodinger for noncrossing trees and find a correspondence between a class of noncrossing trees, called proper noncrossing trees, and the set of symmetric ternary trees. The second result of this paper is a parity reversing involution on connected noncrossing graphs which leads to a relation between the number of noncrossing trees with $n$ edges and $k$ descents and the number of connected noncrossing graphs with $n+1$ vertices and $m$ edges.

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