Domino Fibonacci Tableaux

  • Naiomi Cameron
  • Kendra Killpatrick


In 2001, Shimozono and White gave a description of the domino Schensted algorithm of Barbasch, Vogan, Garfinkle and van Leeuwen with the "color-to-spin" property, that is, the property that the total color of the permutation equals the sum of the spins of the domino tableaux. In this paper, we describe the poset of domino Fibonacci shapes, an isomorphic equivalent to Stanley's Fibonacci lattice $Z(2)$, and define domino Fibonacci tableaux. We give an insertion algorithm which takes colored permutations to pairs of tableaux $(P,Q)$ of domino Fibonacci shape. We then define a notion of spin for domino Fibonacci tableaux for which the insertion algorithm preserves the color-to-spin property. In addition, we give an evacuation algorithm for standard domino Fibonacci tableaux which relates the pairs of tableaux obtained from the domino insertion algorithm to the pairs of tableaux obtained from Fomin's growth diagrams.

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