On Mixed Codes with Covering Radius $1$ and Minimum Distance $2$

  • Wolfgang Haas
  • Jörn Quistorff


Let $R$, $S$ and $T$ be finite sets with $|R|=r$, $|S|=s$ and $|T|=t$. A code $C\subset R\times S\times T$ with covering radius $1$ and minimum distance $2$ is closely connected to a certain generalized partial Latin rectangle. We present various constructions of such codes and some lower bounds on their minimal cardinality $K(r,s,t;2)$. These bounds turn out to be best possible in many instances. Focussing on the special case $t=s$ we determine $K(r,s,s;2)$ when $r$ divides $s$, when $r=s-1$, when $s$ is large, relative to $r$, when $r$ is large, relative to $s$, as well as $K(3r,2r,2r;2)$. Some open problems are posed. Finally, a table with bounds on $K(r,s,s;2)$ is given.

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