Colored Trees and Noncommutative Symmetric Functions

  • Matt Szczesny


Let ${\cal CRF}_S$ denote the category of $S$-colored rooted forests, and H$_{{\cal CRF}_S}$ denote its Ringel-Hall algebra as introduced by Kremnizer and Szczesny. We construct a homomorphism from a $K^+_0({\cal CRF}_S)$–graded version of the Hopf algebra of noncommutative symmetric functions to H$_{{\cal CRF}_S}$. Dualizing, we obtain a homomorphism from the Connes-Kreimer Hopf algebra to a $K^+_0({\cal CRF}_S)$–graded version of the algebra of quasisymmetric functions. This homomorphism is a refinement of one considered by W. Zhao.

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