The Asymptotic Behavior of the Average $L^p-$Discrepancies and a Randomized Discrepancy

  • Stefan Steinerberger


This paper gives the limit of the average $L^p-$star and the average $L^p-$extreme discrepancy for $[0,1]^d$ and $0 < p < \infty$. This complements earlier results by Heinrich, Novak, Wasilkowski & Woźnia-kowski, Hinrichs & Novak and Gnewuch and proves that the hitherto best known upper bounds are optimal up to constants.We furthermore introduce a new discrepancy $D_{N}^{\mathbb{P}}$ by taking a probabilistic approach towards the extreme discrepancy $D_{N}$. We show that it can be interpreted as a centralized $L^1-$discrepancy $D_{N}^{(1)}$, provide upper and lower bounds and prove a limit theorem.

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