Bivariate Identities for Values of the Hurwitz Zeta Function and Supercongruences

  • Kh. Hessami Pilehrood
  • T. Hessami Pilehrood


In this paper, we prove a new identity for values of the Hurwitz zeta function which contains as particular cases Koecher's identity for odd zeta values, the Bailey-Borwein-Bradley identity for even zeta values and many other interesting formulas related to values of the Hurwitz zeta function. We also get an extension of the bivariate identity of Cohen to values of the Hurwitz zeta function. The main tool we use here is a construction of new Markov-WZ pairs. As application of our results, we prove several conjectures on supercongruences proposed by J. Guillera, W. Zudilin, and Z. W. Sun.