Finite Factors of Bernoulli Schemes and Distinguishing Labelings of Directed Graphs

  • Andrew Lazowski
  • Stephen M. Shea


A labeling of a graph is a function from the vertices of the graph to some finite set.  In 1996, Albertson and Collins defined distinguishing labelings of undirected graphs.  Their definition easily extends to directed graphs.  Let $G$ be a directed graph associated to the $k$-block presentation of a Bernoulli scheme $X$.  We determine the automorphism group of $G$, and thus the distinguishing labelings of $G$.  A labeling of $G$ defines a finite factor of $X$.  We define demarcating labelings and prove that demarcating labelings define finitarily Markovian finite factors of $X$.  We use the Bell numbers to find a lower bound for the number of finitarily Markovian finite factors of a Bernoulli scheme.  We show that demarcating labelings of $G$ are distinguishing.
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