The Smallest One-Realization of a Given Set

  • Ping Zhao
  • Kefeng Diao
  • Kaishun Wang


For any set $S$ of positive integers, a mixed hypergraph ${\cal H}$ is a realization of $S$ if its feasible set is $S$, furthermore, ${\cal H}$ is a one-realization of $S$ if it is a realization of $S$ and each entry of its chromatic spectrum is either 0 or 1. Jiang et al. showed that the minimum number of vertices of a realization of $\{s,t\}$ with $2\leq s\leq t-2$ is $2t-s$. Král proved that there exists a one-realization of $S$ with at most $|S|+2\max{S}-\min{S}$ vertices. In this paper, we  determine the number  of vertices of the smallest one-realization of a given set. As a result, we partially solve an open problem proposed by Jiang et al. in 2002 and by Král  in 2004.

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