The ${1/k}$-Eulerian Polynomials

  • Carla D. Savage
  • Gopal Viswanathan


We use the theory of lecture hall partitions to define a generalization of the Eulerian polynomials, for each positive integer $k$.  We show that these ${1}/{k}$-Eulerian polynomials have a simple combinatorial interpretation in terms of a single statistic on generalized inversion sequences. The theory provides a geometric realization of the polynomials as the $h^*$-polynomials of $k$-lecture hall polytopes. Many of the defining relations of the Eulerian polynomials have natural ${1}/{k}$-generalizations.  In fact,  these properties extend to a bivariate generalization obtained by replacing  ${1}/{k}$ by a  continuous variable. The bivariate polynomials have appeared in the work of Carlitz, Dillon, and Roselle on Eulerian numbers of higher order and, more recently, in the theory of rook polynomials.

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