Non-Contiguous Pattern Avoidance in Binary Trees

  • Michael Dairyko
  • Lara Pudwell
  • Samantha Tyner
  • Casey Wynn
Keywords: Binary tree, Pattern avoidance


In this paper we consider the enumeration of binary trees avoiding non-contiguous binary tree patterns. We begin by computing closed formulas for the number of trees avoiding a single binary tree pattern with 4 or fewer leaves and compare these results to analogous work for contiguous tree patterns. Next, we give an explicit generating function that counts binary trees avoiding a single non-contiguous tree pattern according to number of leaves and show that there is exactly one Wilf class of k-leaf tree patterns for any positive integer k.  In addition, we give a bijection between between certain sets of pattern-avoiding trees and sets of pattern-avoiding permutations.  Finally, we enumerate binary trees that simultaneously avoid more than one tree pattern.

Author Biography

Lara Pudwell, Valparaiso University

Assistant Professor of Mathematics

Department of Mathematics and Computer Science

Valparaiso University

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