Reflexive Polytopes of Higher Index and the Number 12

  • Alexander M. Kasprzyk
  • Benjamin Nill
Keywords: Convex lattice polygons, reflexive polytopes


We introduce reflexive polytopes of index $l$ as a natural generalisation of the notion of a reflexive polytope of index $1$. These $l$-reflexive polytopes also appear as dual pairs. In dimension two we show that they arise from reflexive polygons via a change of the underlying lattice. This allows us to efficiently classify all isomorphism classes of $l$-reflexive polygons up to index $200$. As another application, we show that any reflexive polygon of arbitrary index satisfies the famous "number $12$" property. This is a new, infinite class of lattice polygons possessing this property, and extends the previously known sixteen instances. The number $12$ property also holds more generally for $l$-reflexive non-convex or self-intersecting polygonal loops. We conclude by discussing higher-dimensional examples and open questions.
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