Hopf Algebra of Building Sets

  • Vladimir Grujić
  • Tanja Stojadinović
Keywords: Hopf algebra, building set, graph, symmetric function, Dehn-Sommerville relations, cd-index, simplicial complex


The combinatorial Hopf algebra on building sets $BSet$ extends the chromatic Hopf algebra of simple graphs. The image of a building set under canonical morphism to quasi-symmetric functions is the chromatic symmetric function of the corresponding hypergraph. By passing from graphs to building sets, we construct a sequence of symmetric functions associated to a graph. From the generalized Dehn-Sommerville relations for the Hopf algebra $BSet$, we define a class of building sets called eulerian and show that eulerian building sets satisfy Bayer-Billera relations. We show the existence of the $\mathbf{c}\mathbf{d}-$index, the polynomial in two noncommutative variables associated to an eulerian building set. The complete characterization of eulerian building sets is given in terms of combinatorics of intersection posets of antichains of finite sets.
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