List-Coloring Graphs on Surfaces with Varying List-Sizes

  • Alice M. Dean
  • Joan P. Hutchinson
Keywords: list-coloring, Heawood number, graphs on surfaces


Let $G$ be a graph embedded on a surface $S_\varepsilon$ with Euler genus $\varepsilon > 0$, and let $P\subset V(G)$ be a set of vertices mutually at distance at least 4 apart. Suppose all vertices of $G$ have $H(\varepsilon)$-lists and the vertices of $P$ are precolored, where $H(\varepsilon)=\Big\lfloor\frac{7 + \sqrt{24\varepsilon + 1}}{2}\Big\rfloor$ is the Heawood number. We show that the coloring of $P$ extends to a list-coloring of $G$ and that the distance bound of 4 is best possible. Our result provides an answer to an analogous question of Albertson about extending a precoloring of a set of mutually distant vertices in a planar graph to a 5-list-coloring of the graph and generalizes a result of Albertson and Hutchinson to list-coloring extensions on surfaces.

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