Galkin Quandles, Pointed Abelian Groups, and Sequence A000712

  • William E. Clark
  • Xiang-dong Hou
Keywords: Galkin quandle, knot, Frobenius symbol, partition number, pointed abelian group


For each pointed abelian group $(A,c)$, there is an associated Galkin quandle $G(A,c)$ which is an algebraic structure defined on $\Bbb Z_3\times A$ that can be used to construct knot invariants. It is known that two finite Galkin quandles are isomorphic if and only if their associated pointed abelian groups are isomorphic. In this paper we classify all finite pointed abelian groups. We show that the number of nonisomorphic pointed abelian groups of order $q^n$ ($q$ prime) is $\sum_{0\le m\le n}p(m)p(n-m)$, where $p(m)$ is the number of partitions of integer $m$.
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