Integral Cayley Multigraphs over Abelian and Hamiltonian Groups

  • Matt DeVos
  • Roi Krakovski
  • Bojan Mohar
  • Azhvan Sheikh Ahmady
Keywords: Cayley graph, Integral eigenvalue, Abelian group, Hamiltonian group


It is shown that a Cayley multigraph over a group $G$ with generating multiset $S$ is integral (i.e., all of its eigenvalues are integers) if $S$ lies in the integral cone over the boolean algebra generated by the normal subgroups of $G$. The converse holds in the case when $G$ is abelian. This in particular gives an alternative, character theoretic proof of a theorem of Bridges and Mena (1982). We extend this result to provide a necessary and sufficient condition for a Cayley multigraph over a Hamiltonian group to be integral, in terms of character sums and the structure of the generating set.

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