A Note on Total and Paired Domination of Cartesian Product Graphs

  • K. Choudhary
  • S. Margulies
  • I. V. Hicks


A dominating set $D$ for a graph $G$ is a subset of $V(G)$ such that any vertex not in $D$ has at least one neighbor in $D$. The domination number $\gamma(G)$ is the size of a minimum dominating set in G. Vizing's conjecture from 1968 states that for the Cartesian product of graphs $G$ and $H$, $\gamma(G)\gamma(H) \leq \gamma(G \Box H)$, and Clark and Suen (2000) proved that $\gamma(G)\gamma(H) \leq 2 \gamma(G \Box H)$. In this paper, we modify the approach of Clark and Suen to prove a variety of similar bounds related to total and paired domination, and also extend these bounds to the $n$-Cartesian product of graphs $A^1$ through $A^n$.
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