Cyclic Decomposition of $k$-Permutations and Eigenvalues of the Arrangement Graphs

  • Bai Fan Chen
  • Ebrahim Ghorbani
  • Kok Bin Wong
Keywords: $k$-permutation, cyclic decomposition, arrangement graph, eigenvalue of graph


The $(n,k)$-arrangement graph $A(n,k)$ is a graph with all the $k$-permutations of an $n$-element set as vertices where two $k$-permutations are adjacent if they agree in exactly $k-1$ positions. We introduce a cyclic decomposition for $k$-permutations and show that this gives rise to a very fine equitable partition of $A(n,k)$. This equitable partition can be employed to compute the complete set of eigenvalues (of the adjacency matrix) of $A(n,k)$. Consequently, we determine the eigenvalues of $A(n,k)$ for small values of $k$. Finally, we show that any eigenvalue of the Johnson graph $J(n,k)$ is an eigenvalue of $A(n,k)$ and that $-k$ is the smallest eigenvalue of $A(n,k)$ with multiplicity ${\cal O}(n^k)$ for fixed $k$.

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