Enumeration of Generalized $BCI$ Lambda-terms

  • Olivier Bodini
  • Danièle Gardy
  • Bernhard Gittenberger
  • Alice Jacquot


We investigate the asymptotic number of elements of size $n$ in a particular class of closed lambda-terms (so-called $BCI(p)$-terms) which are related to axiom systems of combinatory logic. By deriving a differential equation for the generating function of the counting sequence we obtain a recurrence relation which can be solved asymptotically. We derive differential equations for the generating functions of the counting sequences of other more general classes of terms as well: the class of $BCK(p)$-terms and that of closed lambda-terms. Using elementary arguments we obtain upper and lower estimates for the number of closed lambda-terms of size $n$. Moreover, a recurrence relation is derived which allows an efficient computation of the counting sequence. $BCK(p)$-terms are discussed briefly.

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