New Aspects of Regions whose Tilings are Enumerated by Perfect Powers

  • Tri Lai
Keywords: Aztec diamonds, fortresses, lattice regions, perfect matchings, tilings


In 2003, Ciucu presented a unified way to enumerate tilings of lattice regions by using a certain Reduction Theorem (J. Algebraic Combin., 2003). In this paper we continue this line of work by investigating new families of lattice regions whose tilings are enumerated by perfect powers or products of several perfect powers. We prove a multi-parameter generalization of Bo-Yin Yang's theorem on fortresses (Ph.D. thesis, MIT, 1991).  On the square lattice with zigzag paths, we consider two particular families of regions whose numbers of tilings are always a power of 3 or twice a power of 3. The latter result provides a new proof for a conjecture of Matt Blum first proved by Ciucu. We also consider several new lattices obtained by periodically applying two simple subgraph replacement rules to the square lattice. On some of those lattices, we get new families of regions whose numbers of tilings  are given by products of several perfect powers. In addition, we prove a simple product formula for the number of tilings of a certain family of regions on a variant of the triangular lattice.

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Tri Lai, Indiana University, Bloomington, IN, U.S.A.
Department of Mathematics
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