Tree-like Tableaux

  • Jean-Christophe Aval
  • Adrien Boussicault
  • Philippe Nadeau
Keywords: tree-like tableaux, permutation tableaux, alternative tableaux, permutations, binary trees


In this work we introduce and study tree-like tableaux, which are certain fillings of Ferrers diagrams in simple bijection with permutation tableaux and alternative tableaux. We exhibit an elementary insertion procedure on our tableaux which gives a clear proof that tree-like tableaux of size $n$ are counted by $n!$ and which moreover respects most of the well-known statistics studied originally on alternative and permutation tableaux. Our insertion procedure allows to define in particular two simple new bijections between tree-like tableaux and permutations: the first one is conceived specifically to respect the generalized pattern 2-31, while the second one respects the underlying tree of a tree-like tableau.
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