Facets of the Generalized Cluster Complex and Regions in the Extended Catalan Arrangement of Type $A$

  • Susanna Fishel
  • Myrto Kallipoliti
  • Eleni Tzanaki
Keywords: Cluster complex, Catalan arrangements, Integer partitions


In this paper we present a bijection between two well known families of Catalan objects: the set of facets of the $m$-generalized cluster complex $\Delta^m(A_n)$ and that of dominant regions in the $m$-Catalan arrangement ${\rm Cat}^m(A_n)$, where $m\in\mathbb{N}_{>0}$. In particular, the map which we define bijects facets containing the negative simple root $-\alpha$ to dominant regions having the hyperplane $\{v\in V\mid\left\langle v,\alpha \right\rangle=m\}$ as separating wall. As a result, it restricts to a bijection between the set of facets of the positive part of $\Delta^m(A_n)$ and the set of bounded dominant regions in ${\rm Cat}^m(A_n)$. Our map is a composition of two bijections in which integer partitions in an $m$-dilated $n$-staircase shape come into play.

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