Generalized Stirling Numbers and Hyper-Sums of Powers of Binomials Coefficients

  • Claudio de J. Pita-Ruiz V.
Keywords: Stirling numbers, Sums of Powers of Binomials Coefficients


We work with a generalization of Stirling numbers of the second kind related to the boson normal ordering problem (P. Blasiak et al.). We show that these numbers appear as part of the coefficients of expressions in which certain sequences of products of binomials, together with their partial sums, are written as linear combinations of some other binomials. We show that the number arrays formed by these coefficients can be seen as natural generalizations of Pascal and Lucas triangles, since many of the known properties on rows, columns, falling diagonals and rising diagonals in Pascal and Lucas triangles, are also valid (some natural generalizations of them) in the arrays considered in this work. We also show that certain closed formulas for hyper-sums of powers of binomial coefficients appear in a natural way in these arrays.

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