A Note on Irreducible Maps with Several Boundaries

  • J. Bouttier
  • E. Guitter
Keywords: Planar maps


We derive a formula for the generating function of $d$-irreducible bipartite planar maps with several boundaries, i.e. having several marked faces of controlled degrees. It extends a formula due to Collet and Fusy for the case of arbitrary (non necessarily irreducible) bipartite planar maps, which is recovered by taking $d=0$. As an application, we obtain an expression for the number of $d$-irreducible bipartite planar maps with a prescribed number of faces of each allowed degree. Very explicit expressions are given in the case of maps without multiple edges ($d=2$), $4$-irreducible maps and maps of girth at least $6$ ($d=4$). Our derivation is based on a tree interpretation of the various encountered generating functions.

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