Constant Rank-Distance Sets of Hermitian Matrices and Partial Spreads in Hermitian Polar Spaces

  • Rod Gow
  • Michel Lavrauw
  • John Sheekey
  • Frédéric Vanhove
Keywords: (partial) spread, hermitian variety, hermitian matrix, rank-distance


In this paper we investigate partial spreads of $H(2n-1,q^2)$ through the related notion of partial spread sets of hermitian matrices, and the more general notion of constant rank-distance sets. We prove a tight upper bound on the maximum size of a linear constant rank-distance set of hermitian matrices over finite fields, and as a consequence prove the maximality of extensions of symplectic semifield spreads as partial spreads of $H(2n-1,q^2)$. We prove upper bounds for constant rank-distance sets for even rank, construct large examples of these, and construct maximal partial spreads of $H(3,q^2)$ for a range of sizes.
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