The Ihara Zeta Function of the Infinite Grid

  • Bryan Clair
Keywords: Graph zeta functions, square grid graph, periodic graphs


The infinite grid is the Cayley graph of $\mathbb{Z} \times \mathbb{Z}$ with the usual generators. In this paper, the Ihara zeta function for the infinite grid is computed using elliptic integrals and theta functions. The zeta function of the grid extends to an analytic, multivalued function which satisfies a functional equation. The set of singularities in its domain is finite.

The grid zeta function is the first computed example which is non-elementary, and which takes infinitely many values at each point of its domain. It is also the limiting value of the normalized sequence of Ihara zeta functions for square grid graphs and torus graphs.

Author Biography

Bryan Clair, Saint Louis University
Department of Mathematics and Computer Science
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